Monday, July 11, 2011

More Pink and a Mighty Wind

Do you think I like pink, or do you think I like red, or do you think I just love all colors??  If you answered all, then you would be right, but I do seem to be drawn to lots of pinks and reds.  When I walk into a garden center it literally takes my breath away to be standing in the midst of all those beautiful colors.  I get dizzy. 

This morning I stopped at McDonald's for a tasty strawberry/banana smoothie, oh yum and oh so pink.

Saturday I bought roses and these beautiful berries at the Farmer's Market and they are still adorning our screened porch dining table, and yes, pink.

These beautiful PINK cone flowers look like they belong next to the blue birdbath (I added this to the blue collection of pots) This was my entry to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday using her new freebie texture, isn't it lovely? 

The soft pink of the daylily with raindrops.   I linked this post to Lisa Gordon's Creative Exchange this week. 

And ofcourse, the pink hydrangeas that are in full bloom now.
This morning Toby jumped in bed and snuggled right up to my face and I knew instantly that we were in for a storm....he is my weather man when it comes to storms.  Sure enough, the winds began to blow and the rain was coming down in torrents.  It lasted about 1/2 hour and when it was over I could see that that was one mighty storm that blew through here. 

The sidewalks and streets were covered with leaves that had been torn off the trees.

At the end of the back entrance into our subdivision I found this tree just snapped right off at the base.  It makes me so sad to see trees that are growing and green just snapped in two.  So you can see by these few photos that it was a mighty wind that blew thru here this morning.  We were blessed again with no damage to our house or property.  The pretty vase of roses withstood all that wind and was still intact when the winds stopped.  Hope you were storm-free.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."    George Eliot

Until next time......(comments are always welcomed)


  1. love your blog, found it from Kim Texture Post~ it is beautiful and full of fun and inspiration. You are gifted!

  2. These were all fabulous!! That shake looked incredible.

    Sorry about that beautiful tree...

    Hope your day is blessed!

  3. Love the pink!!! Just great.... :)

  4. your thumbnail at Lisa's caught my eye. I believe it's my fave. nice to meet ya!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photographs Deanna, and oh yes, I do think you like pink. Just a little anyway!! :-) :-)

    I especially love the 4th one here. Truly perfection.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these at The Creative Exchange this week.

    Have a great day!


    P.S. Tried the McDonald's smoothie for the first time the other day. Oh so yummy!!!

  6. Amazing photos ... saw you today at Kim's. I think I'll hang around a bit ... new follower!

  7. Oh I so love your cone flowers shot and little blue there gives so nice contrast, beautiful.

  8. Oh I'm loving your photos {'cept for the fallen tree: I'm with you on the sadness of seeing beautiful trees come down in these icky storms} The lily with the raindrops really made my heart pitter patter too! Thank you for sharing such beauty today!

  9. Every single photo is lovely. I'm going to have to remember to take a pic of my smoothie next time! The smoothie and the daylily are my favorites. You really have a beautiful blog.

  10. I love every photo! Love your shades of pink ~
    Simply beautiful!

  11. Hiya Deanna,
    Very catchy thumbnail, which led me here.
    Lovely combination of blue and pink.
    That was some storm: knocking down what looks like a sturdy tree.

  12. Lovely photos! I especially like the cone flowers next to the blue birdbath - splendid! Glad you and your roses were unscathed by the wind.

  13. Just lovely photo's! And a great blog too, I'm also a fan of pink, red, all colours ;)

  14. I just adore your images. My favorite is the one with the blue bird bath. Yummy to my eyes.
    So glad you went unscathed from the storm. I always worry about my gardens, esp. when the peony's are in bloom.


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