Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Peachy Kinda Day

This morning I joined my fellow B&N ladies for a good morning chat.  Realized that one of them is a great seamstress and will altar anything for a reasonable price.  Hot diggity dog...I can sew, but it has been so many years that by the time I found my sewing machine, dragged it out, had it serviced because I know it would need it after many years of non-use, Carol could have whatever I needed done.  So no more slacks dragging the floor for me, Carol to the rescue.  I am also thinking of taking the cabinet doors off of the bathroom vanity and adding a curtain, which she could also do for me.  I know it is just straight seams, but I mentioned the dragging out of the machine...yadda yadda yadda.  Still pondering on that one.

We are still focusing this summer on the Fruits of the Spirit.  Joy was the first one which we all handled with underscored aplomb.  Then our second challenge was self-control.  As good as we all did with joy, think totally opposite for self-control.  We all failed miserably, and we even stretched it an extra week with no luck.  So now our third is Faith.  Worry kinda goes along with faith, and we all tend to be somewhat worrisome.  Our lovely senior most lady among our group quoted what her husband would say to her when she became too worrisome...."Worry is the price you pay on a debt that may never come due."  And I have also noticed that it causes a lot of grey hairs too.

After that I headed out shopping again...oh my, the savings account keeps getting smaller and smaller, getting these bathrooms finished is getting rather costly.  Today I bought a new shower door, a new drop-in sink for the cabinet that I will be painting, and a new lighting fixture.  But I think I found something that out tops all of those purchases and that is somebody to do all the work of installing.  Met a couple that does "everything", man & wife team, been in business for 28 years, local, reasonable...sounds like a dream come true.  That seems to be the hardest part about the re-doing is finding someone that can do the stuff you can't.  I can shop all day and buy anything, but I sure can't install a new sink top or a shower door.  I am feeling pretty peachy keen about in honor of peachy, here a just a few peachy images.  

I wish I could say this was rain on the petals, but alas, only the water from sprinkling...

A little light on the subject....taken just as the sun was setting this evening.

And finally, my cup of the day for Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers Class...I think those are cherries on the cup, but I am pretending they are peaches, just for today.  

Hope you had a peach of a day....

"Life needs to be lived in a constant state of discovery."  ~  Kobi Yamada

Until next time....


  1. I LOVE your cup photo! I did have a peach of a day! It's my anniversary, and I'm married to a peach of a guy--from Georgia and everything!

  2. Hello Miss Deanna, it's been, well, a really busy day! Left the house at 8:00 and went half way around the world and back (okay maybe just to San Antonio), but it sure felt like it and got home well, about 20 minutes ago! It's now 12:30 am . . . beautiful photos, and I especially love that one of the sun setting!!

  3. Your photos looks so beautiful.. That last shot is just breathtaking.. I did have a peachy kinda day.


  4. Each one of your photos is a gem - good work!

  5. I hoping for a peachy kind of day or even a few days. It's supposed to be nice and warm, so I'm off to a good start. Love your photos and the quote too :)

  6. Your bokeh on the last flower photo is stunning!

  7. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! =)

  8. Oh, Deanna! Your photos are just stunning!!!!!

  9. Those photos are eye-popping! Wowza. Man, you've just rounded up a whole bunch of handy people to help you. You must have some awesome networking skills. :)

    My day was not peachy by any stretch since I already quit my new job. Post coming soon....


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