Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm...

  1. Why do the finches only eat out of the old & dirty birdfeeder and NOT the brand-new one...hmmm?
  2. Why don't roses smell like the old fashioned kind, why don't they smell at all.....hmmm?
  3. Why can't I sleep at night, but yet I can fall asleep in a heartbeat while sitting straight up in a chair on the screen porch....hmmm?
  4. Why does everything bad for you taste so good....hmmm?
  5. Why can't it rain just enough during each week so I don't have to water the garden....hmm?
  6. Why does the price of everything keep going up while my income keeps going down....hmm?
  7. Why didn't I remember to bring that new roll of toilet tissue into the bathroom.....hmm?
  8. Why do many politicians think they are working for themselves and not for the people that elected them....hmm?
  9. Why does the phone always ring just about the time you slide into that delicious tub-full of bubbles....hmmm?
  10. And why can't we be like this little one, the only care in his world is the stick in his hand....hmm?  

Thought I would try this new challenge called Monday Listicles sponsored by Stasha at the Good Life Blog....the challenge this week was obviously, 10 things that make you go hmmm.  Join in, it's fun. 

Until next time....


  1. Oh Deanna what a beautiful photo of a handsome boy. You captured his innocence and wonder for life perfectly.
    #8!! I know... And we live in WA yet I have to water the garden often. It seems to be all or nothing here. And, like you I just want 30 minutes a day. Is that too much to ask ;)

  2. What a great list!! So many I can relate to. #8 makes my blood boil...just sayin'. That little boy is precious! His innocence is so sweet.

  3. Oh this was a fun post. Should I try it myself...hmmm?

  4. What a handsome boy! :) So sweet!
    I'd be more than glad to send you a bit of rain, we get way too much here!
    LOL @ number 9, I have learned to ignore the photo when I am enjoying my bubbles. :)
    Amen to number 4! ;)

  5. Awwww.. What a cute. You got me smiling this morning and I am only on my first cuppa joe.. Thanks~

  6. Very fun, Deanna and what a fantastic shot of a sweet little guy!

  7. Cute list and adorable little boy. :)

  8. If we knew all those answers, we would be too smart for blogging. What a sweetie there at the end.

  9. Numbers 7 and 8 really get under my skin, too; however, that pic at the end completely melted my heart:)


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