Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday The June 24, 2012 Edition

Well, I told myself I wasn't going to participate this week...thought the prompts were a little too difficult and then last night I thought what the heck, might as well give it a try.  Yesterday our local garden center had a day of gardening talks, music, and artists with wares to purchase, so naturally I took my camera along and captured some goodies.  In looking over the list of challenges this week, I was able to match a photo to each one....some are a bit of a stretch, but nevertheless, a match.  Here are the challenges:

  • Warped
  • Concentric Circles
  • Gear
  • Glazed
  • Marble
They (whoever they are) had to warp these pieces of metal to produce these bits of garden art...

Concentric Circles - I have a couple of pics for this prompt.  I think I know what concentric circles are...tell me if I am wrong, but aren't they overlapping circles??  It's been a long (eons) time since I have studied concentric anything....

I think the fish has all those lovely concentric circles all over it's body....

And the rose in the center of this sweet necklace that I purchased from one of the artist's must also have concentric circles...  Ok enough of this arithmetic, or geometry or math or whatever category you place concentric is not one of my attributes.

Next up this is where I stretch it a bit....

I do believe a bee must take all his GEAR with him when he gathers pollen, right??

I told you that was a bit of a stretch, but heh, it works.

Next up glazed....OK, ofcourse there is glazed pottery at a garden center, but I do believe the woman is a bit glazed over herself.  Looks like she may have been looking for a glazed red look on that last dye job.  Doesn't she have a good friend that will tell her that is definitely not her best color??  Oh, Deanna, that was mean, every once in awhile I get this nasty streak in me....I am sure she is a very sweet lady.  She just happened along just about the time I was shooting those glazed pots.  I couldn't help it.   

OK, now the last one and again I stretched this a bit...but they are pretty pictures anyway...

Marble - don't these look like shiny marbles on this pretty little piece of garden art??

Or perhaps this birdbath was made out of marble and not ceramic...I definitely think it is marble.

OK, that's it for another week.  Whew, that was a hard one.  This is summertime when the living is supposed to be easy.  

Linking to Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday ....hop on over and take a peek.  I can hardly wait until I see how others gathered these prompts.  Getting awfully close to Ashley's due date, bet she is getting overjoyed with her new little one due so soon.  

Until next time....


  1. Deanna, that bee shot is pretty darn amazing. The detail! Yowza! Do you mind me asking what type of macro lens you use? I'm in the market.

  2. You did a great job none the less even if you think it is a stretch! You always do great photos!

  3. Very cool shots . . . love the fish and both of your marble submissions. Stretching for the prompts is totally fine, that's what makes it fun even if they are hard.

  4. I think all your photos special. One is my favorite. That of the woman. The woman with the red hair. What would she see? What would she think? How was her life?

  5. Beautiful photos - love your interpretation of Marble!

  6. Interesting choices for the Scavenger Hunt!
    Love the bee!
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  7. Beautiful photos! I would have had to capture that woman's hair too.

  8. These are all amazing! Love your glazed and warped!

  9. Great set Deanna. I had trouble myself getting some shots together. I love you new header.

  10. These are awesome but WOWZERS on that bee. Great job!

  11. Splendid photo of the bee, but all are good. Stretching ones imagination leads to great creativity.

  12. Most impressive - and all at the garden show. Your bee shot is incredible, and I love the dof of the birdbath. Your circle shots are spot on.

  13. WOW!! These are all truly amazing.. That bee shots is incredible. I just loved that shot.. I had to stretch it a bit this week also.. But I do believe it works... So glad you decided to play. They really are great shots..

  14. Oh gosh who cares if you stretched the prompts a little - These are amazing.
    Absolutely loved the Bee Gear shots - Such detail.
    Got a great chuckle from your Glazed Shot (that is some pretty vivid red hair).
    And that Necklace from Concentric Circles - So pretty.

  15. Love this. Russian women love red hair. It is so beautiful to them. I am thinking she may be Russian. I love the pots and the colorful garden ornaments with the shiny glaze. They are so much fun to photograph. You did awesome on these very challenging prompts!

  16. Great set and thanks for the laughs! These are all so creative.

  17. Glazed look on head of older woman passing by glazed pots. This was worth the "come over" if it had been the only picture you posted. So nice, nice, nice...


    PS I'm the one who gave the hard prompts and you made them look easy!

  18. I was thinking after the concentric circles section that my eyes GLAZE over when arithmetic, geometry or math is mentioned. Then I scroll down to the fiery red head and busted out laughing. I have the same streak as you. One day a lady sat in front of me during mass (church) and the whole time I could not get over how her hair looked eerily similar to my white bath loofah. I could not concentrate and almost tweeted about it DURING MASS. I had to ask the Lord to forgive me several times and help me concentrate. Seriously though, I think you did great on this hunt. I couldn't have finished this assignment.

  19. All of your photos are beautiful but that bee shot is brilliant!

  20. You did a great job, and if I had my act together mine would have been stretched as well! I love that last one and well you know I really love that bee!!

  21. Very pretty shots! I think you were the one that ask me if we could get together. I'm really busy this summer with my son's wedding and the pups. I could tell you some of my favorite places to go shoot. Just let me know...



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