Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - The June 10, 2012 Edition

Good morning, lovelies.  Last night was dance recital night, (remember last week my whole line-up was taken from dress rehearsal), so this week I am lucky again that I am able to gather all of the challenges from last night's performance.  The challenges this week are:
  • Travel
  • Silly
  • Black & White
  • Spots
  • Paper
It takes a whole suitcase full of costumes, make-up, and dance shoes so traveling to the recital can be exhausting....

I spent some time backstage prior to the show beginning and was able to capture some great candid images....I am hoping that what ever these girls are giggling about is silly, ofcourse it is. 

And another silly....great fun!!

After the show, everyone gathers on-stage for photo-ops.  It is sometimes ages before all of my daughter's family is together so I take the opportunity to grab a family photo, costumes and all. 

Costumes in every size and color, but the prompt is for spots....

And finally, paper...I spotted this little one backstage entertaining herself with a large box of UNO paper cards.  I didn't know UNO was a solitary game, but she makes it work...

Have to throw in one more paper...included at the recital is a bake-sale that the Mother's provide goodies for in order to help raise money for the various trips and extras for the dancers.  Since this year's dance recital is "The Sound of Music" many applied that theme in the making of their treats....thought this was clever.  

Hop on over to Ashley's blog to find out what other's are presenting this week for the's always a fun trip.

Until next time....


  1. Love those spots, the and your two paper prompts are just gorgeous!

  2. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love the spots and paper shots, beautiful! Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. These are all so great, Deanna! Love the dance pictures and spots is fantastic!

  4. Cute shots! I love dance recitals.

  5. Love your interpretations, especially the little girl playing Uno by herself. So cute!

  6. I spent last night at my daughter's dance recital too. I'll be MY recital was longer than yours! haha.

  7. What a fun set. Recitals can be so fun especially for this grandfather. Thanks

  8. LOVE your series! Spots is my favorite...I love the perspective. And Paper is adorable. Great family photo.....they are all beautiful. Looks like you had a great time.

  9. Gosh you did such a great job getting all the prompts again from the Dance Recital.
    My favorites were: Silly the one with the gals giggling is charming.
    Loved the Paper shot of the little girl with the Uno cards.

  10. Deanna....loving all your fantastic dance recital shots. Can I ask what lens you were using?

  11. Great photos ! I especially like the one with the spotted skirt. You can see by the way the girl holds her hand that she is determined to do things perfectly ! Very concentrated !

  12. All great shots, and I love the candid ones of the kids especially. Great captures Deanna

  13. Beautiful set Deanna. I love the spots!

  14. Such a lovely set.. I enjoyed them all.. I love the silly shots. They had me smiling.


  15. Dance recitals....the perfect place to conduct a scavenger hunt. Great work!

  16. Wow, wow....amazing shots!!! Fabulous spots photo!!!!Love it.

  17. Such wonderful subjects for your scavenger hunt. So nice to get them all in one place. You have a beautiful family.

  18. Love it, awesome job my favorite is the little girl with the UNO cards.


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