Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Good Day

Catherine and I went to the flea market today.  I haven't been to the Kane County Flea Market in probably 3 or more years.  Prior to that I wouldn't miss a month.  Sometimes it was the highlight of the month.  I could point out several treasures found at the flea market that I still enjoy and I managed to pick up a few more treasures today as well.  Now why do I need more treasures....I am definitely blaming it on the photography. old scale, a 1920 something fan, a sweet, sweet chandelier for my "new bathroom", an old typewriter...see I told you they were props for photography.  I will reveal all in time.  They also had old suitcases, but I restrained myself.  Maybe next month.  Oh stop me, I am supposed to be scaling back...!!!  The hot, hot decorating theme seems to be burlap and making chalkboards out of just about anything.

After spending the morning at the flea market, I spent a little time in the garden with plans to spend the day outside tomorrow.  Napped a little, just a little and became really excited when I saw that the first hydrangea had opened.  Grabbed my camera and strolled thru the garden snapping a few pics.  I could definitely spend tomorrow outside, just doing yard work and sprucing up the garden.  A perfect day to look forward to.  

Here she is, isn't she pretty!!

The roses are beginning to fade...

I love these begonias, they just bloom their little hearts out...

I almost killed this hanging verbena during our 90 degree days, I forgot to water it.  YIKES!!

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"Your mind must remain open at all times.  If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it."  ~  Heracitus

Until next time.....


  1. These are really beautiful.

  2. Pretty cold and wet out here, your lovely flowers brighten up my day.

  3. I've quit visiting my local thrifts lately... just too much good stuff to tempt me! I'll just enjoy your finds.

    Love the hydrangea! Still waiting for mine to get buds. :)

  4. Love the hydrangea. Don't your roses bloom all summer?

    The last two months I spent way too much on photography, so I'm not shopping anywhere. Like Nancy...way too tempting!

  5. So many pretty flowers.. I just love Hydrangea. I wish I could grow them here in the desert. I don't think they would make it a week in this heat..


  6. I almost went to a flea market today, too. Great minds think alike! :) Pretty flowers...your photography is always a feast of eye candy.

  7. I wish I had a spot that I could grow the hydrangea in, but too much sun - and I'm with Nancy, I would have to stay away not to tempt myself!! Can't wait to see your "finds".


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