Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Walk in the Gardens

Saturday, along with a couple of gardening buddies, I went on my first garden walk in 2 years....and I love garden walks.  I missed them completely last summer and only went to 1 the summer before.  But hopefully I am back on track for more this summer.  I have several friends that do enjoy these, so there is never a lack for someone to join me.  Gary even liked to walk along by my side at an occasional garden walk in times past.  I am a little sad today being Father's Day.  My Dad passed away in 2001 and my sweetie does not even know what today is.  So I am brightening my day by re-living yesterday's garden walk.  Won't you join me?  (if you click on an individual picture you can see a larger view)

The day began sunny and warm and by the time we completed it was down right glad we got an early start, we were on the first door-step as soon as it opened and what a door-step it was.....

Stepping into this backyard was like stepping into a little piece of heaven....

Lovely stone walkway up to this shed....sigh, what would I give to have a shed like this in my backyard...

As we were driving to the next home on the garden walk, we passed by this lovely.  This stopped us dead in our tracks...what a lovely home.

Next stop, a rooftop garden in an absolutely gorgeous condominium.  No expenses were spared at this place.  My mouth was hanging open looking at all the luxury.  And you could see the downtown Chicago skyline from this rooftop even tho we are almost 30 miles west.

What an interesting place this was, I know it is kinda hard to see, but this home's, albeit small. entire backyard was a miniature village with trains and tracks surrounding it.  They leave it up all summer and take it down in October.

Next was this really fine looking house (that was for sale for a mere 1.250 million).  The backyard was super small and literally went straight up.  They had designed a beautiful waterfall to take advantage of the steep slope.

Another sweet house we walked by on our way to another garden.  This community is filled with beautiful homes and spectacular landscaping...

This quirky lady that owned this garden had such a grand sense of can see it wherever you look.

The owl sitting on a swing...

A gnome peeking out from the garden shed...

I think this should have a joke with it like...."how many shoes does it take to hold up a table?".  Oh that was lame...

Little pieces of art everywhere...

For some reason there did not seem to be alot of flowers in these gardens.  Lots of water features and lots & lots of hostas, oh and there was lots & lots of shade. (probably why there wasn't lots of flowers).  But these are a few....

And finally, one last the stone fireplace, adds so much charm to this home.

Then I ended this day by going to the movies and out to dinner with my two grand-daughters...a good day.  Went to see "Snow White and the Huntsman."  Definitely not the Snow White I remember, but an interesting and more adult take on the fairy tale.  And I will say, the Huntsman was really nice on the eyes.  

"Age is not important unless you are cheese."

Until next time.....


  1. i love the quirky ladys house. the gnome is so cute!! love the owl too!! great pics. lovely homes. (:

  2. The houses and gardens you visited are so beautiful, unlike any in our town. Love the glorious front entries many US houses seems to have, they look picture perfect.

  3. Ok, 2nd time has to be the charm!

    I love your walk you took us on. I love house and people watching.

    I think I want to grow up to be that quirky ARTFUL lady.

    Also, darlin, I posted your new photo on our FOL blog. You are aging BRAT!! Gorgeous photo btw.

    Hugs my friend.

  4. Beautiful gardens! You captured the beauty perfectly. I understand how you're feeling today without your dad on Father's Day. I miss my dad too. I hope you have a lot of joy in your day.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. Your garden walks looked like such a fun time.

  6. Every one of these homes and their gardens is beautiful! That sounds like a fun day.

  7. You captured the beauty of these gardens perfectly. :)
    Lovely houses too.

  8. These are great photos!

  9. Deanna, you're always looking on the positive side of things. I know it can't be easy with your hubby's condition, but you manage to come here and delight us with your photography time after time. Glad you were able to enjoy the day. I loved going with you on the garden walk!

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous place. Wonderful images.

  11. What a wonderful walk with such lovely photos! Can you please pack me up one of those super cute homes! Suzy x

  12. I enjoyed your walk. Could live in anyone of them, now wouldn't that be nice?

  13. Oh what a fun day! I haven't been on a garden tour in AGES. Thanks for taking me along :)

  14. Lovely shots of lovely places! I live in downstate IL and crave beauty such as this. We have beautiful places but this garden walk is enchanting through your eyes!

  15. Those are beautiful gardens. Sounds like a great day!

  16. I really enjoyed going along with you on your walk. I would just love to live somewhere that is green like that. So many lovely photos..


  17. What an absolute dream walk.....Love these shots...but that owl stole my heart!

  18. Thank you for the garden tour! such beautiful photos - love the processing.

  19. Thanks for taking us with you on your garden tour. What lovely homes and gardens. Working towards those lovely gardens here at 3Beeze. Getting there but I think no matter we will always be working and changing it. Great pictures.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead


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