Thursday, February 21, 2013

I've Been Tagged

The Asheville mini-vacation blog has been put on hold while I answer a few questions.  There is a tagging game going around where you reveal a few things about yourself and since I am not one to put a damper on the tagging game, and the fact that I was tagged by a sweet southern lady, I have decided to join in.  So here goes....ready or not.

Where Were You Born? - I was born in Tulsa, OK.  Don't ask me how I liked living in Tulsa because by the time I was old enough to determine whether I liked it or not, I had long since moved to Amarillo, TX.  My Mother had married young, got pregnant, husband went off to war, (World War II not I) and when said husband (my father) came home from the war he decided he wasn't returning to his wife and brand-new baby daughter, leaving my Mother a single parent.  Being a single parent in the early 40's was not cool, thus the move to Amarillo, TX to be near her older sister.

Were You Named After Someone? - Believe it or not I was named after Deanna Durbin...she was a famous popular singer and actress in the 1930's and 40's, and now still alive and in her 90's she is living in Paris, France.  If you are wondering about the pronunciation it is De Anna....not Dean Na.  For being such a simple name, I have been called everything from Diana, Diane, Janice (don't ask) own father-in-law still called me Diane until the day he died.

If You Have Any Children, How Many?  Yes, I have two children.  My daughter, Lisa lives about 45 miles west of me and my son lives about 1,745 miles west of me.  Lisa is married to Sam and has presented me with 3 wonderful grandchildren.  Brandon who is now married, Bailey who is about ready to graduate from college, and Brie who is a sophomore in college.  All doing well which makes this grandma darn happy.  Now just waiting for Brandon to present me with a great-grandchild.  Lane (son) decided to move west....way west about 20 years ago.  He settled in the Los Angeles area and eventually married Nelly, a local girl.  Chances of him ever coming back to Chicago are slim to none.

 How Many Pets DoYou Have?  I have one dog, Toby.  I have featured Toby several times on my blog....he is the smartest dog alive and is my friend, my companion, my protector, my bed partner (now don't you start thinking anything kinky) and honestly I don't know what I would do without him.  

What Was Your Worst Injury? - I have been really blessed in my life to have had very few injuries or sickness.  I guess the worst one of very few, was when I was in a car accident that totaled my car.  Fortunately I was not seriously hurt, but I suffered serious whiplash which still bothers me at times.  Especially if I am under a lot of stress it seems to show it's ugly head in my neck (now that made a lotta sense...huh??) Knocking on wood here, I have never had a broken bone and the only times I have been in the hospital was 2 babies and a gall bladder removal.  Pretty boring stuff.

Do You Have Any Special Talents? - What talents? standing on my head and spinning a plate all at the same time??  NO.  All my talents are hidden, so hidden I haven't been able to find them.  But I do have a trick knee, does that count?

What Is Your Favorite Thing to Bake? - A frozen pizza...not much baking going on in this house since I am the only one here, just me and the dog and he is not allowed chocolate, so no lovin from this oven.  

What Is Your Favorite Fast Food? - I could lie and tell you I never darken the door of a fast food joint, but that would definitely not be the truth.  Being alone it is so much easier to run thru the drive-in window at McDonald's than to figure out something to cook at home at times.  One of my favorite cheap meals is a McDonald's McDouble for a buck, a small fry for a buck, and a small Oreo McFlurry. Now I admit that is not the healthiest meal, but occasionally it is pretty tasty and it cost less that $5.00.  

What Is The First Thing You Notice About People? - I again, cannot tell a lie, the first thing I notice is their general appearance ie attractive or not, thin or not, nicely dressed or not.  Hair and eyes and teeth, these I notice next.  Is that vain??  I think people become beautiful after you know them....maybe not physically beautiful but inside-out beautiful and that sometimes is difficult to spot the first time you see them.  
When Was The Last Time You Cried? - I almost always shed a tear or two everytime I visit my sweetie.  I can't help it, it just comes.  Take that back, I am crying now, just thinking about him.  

Do You Have Any Current Worries? - Right now I am in a good place.  My husband is well taken care of, I have no health issues (again, knock on wood) I have resumed my life after it was on hold for several years while taking care of both my Mother and my husband, my children are both happy and doing what they love, my grandchildren are all doing well, so right now, life is good.  

Name 3 Drinks That You Drink Regularly -, Caffeine-Free Pepsi, and wine.  I should be drinking water, but I have never been much of a water drinker...I figure with my coffee I am getting my water (is that wrong??) And I do like a glass of wine in the evenings.  I blame my Mother for that, she enjoyed her one glass every evening and taught me to enjoy one with her.  I have kept that tradition even after her passing and think of her whenever I pour that glass.  

What Is Your Favorite Book? - Oh my goodness how can I possibly pick one.  Years ago when I read "The Thorn Birds" I thought that was the best book I had ever read, then I read "The Shell Seekers" and again, thought that was my favorite.  But I have read so many books in my life that I have considered favorites....a few that come to mind are "People of the Book","Cutting for Stone", "The Shadow of the Wind"

Would You Like To Be A Pirate? -   Gee I have never ever thought about being a Pirate.  Seems like it would be a rather dangerous occupation what with all those swords and swashbucklers.  I like to travel but I want my vehicle to be a little more luxurious than a pirate ship.  So I guess my answer is NO.  

What Are Your Favorite Smells? - Fresh coffee in the mornings, newly mown grass in the summertime, popcorn at the movies, burning leaves in the fall, chili cooking on the stove....I could go on and on.

Why Do You Blog? - I blog because I enjoy having a place to post my photography, I also enjoy the writing aspect of my's a place I can voice my opinions, share my sorrows and my joys and the surprise of making so many cyber friends.  

What Is The Least Favorite Thing About Myself? - This is going to be real original.....ha, my weight.  I hardly know a woman alive that is happy with her weight.  And right along with my "over" weight are my arms which I refuse to expose to the world and there are so many cute sleeveless fashions that I just pass by.  

What Is Your Favorite Hobby? -  Hmm, let's see oh yes, photography.  I have had many hobbies in my lifetime but the two that have remained my favorites have been rubber stamping/scrapping and photography.  I worked in a Rubber Stamp Store where I also taught classes for about 3 years and it was the most fun job I ever had.  

What Do You Look For In A Friend? - Honesty, humor, loyalty, commonalities.  

Name Something That You Have Done That You Never Expected To Do - I never expected that my husband would develop Alzheimer's and for me to care for him for so many years and then have to make the decision to place him in a Memory Care facility.  That was definitely not expected in my life plans. 

What Are Your Favorite Things To Do? - Photography and the art of processing my photos, being with friends, reading a good book, gardening in the spring and the fall I am ready for gardening to be over, enjoying my children & grandchildren, in the summertime sitting on the back porch in the early morning listening to the birds and drinking that first cup of coffee, the fun of re-decorating, travelling - discovering new places, having my Toby snuggle with me on the couch....I think I will stop now.

Any Pet Peeves? - I always seem to manage to get in the wrong line at the grocery store when I am in a hurry, people talking on their cell phones too loud, mothers or fathers that cross a street or parking lot with their small children behind them, people driving that wait until the very last minute to merge, grocery carts left in parking spots.  Again, I think I will stop.   

What Is The Last Thing That Made You Laugh? - Yesterday during Bible Study, there is laughter everytime we ladies are together.  After our class study we meet as a large group with a brief video by the author of the book we are using for our study on the Book of Ruth and she (Liz Curtis Higgs) is a hoot.  She makes us all laugh with her expressions, her enthusiasm and her added commentaries.

Well, that's it....probably more than you ever wanted to know about me.  And now it is my turn to tag a few more.  If I tag you and you wish not to participate that's's all in fun, but to some this is not their thing.

Tracy from The Journey

Until next time.....


  1. How fun to read and learn about beautiful you!! thanks for the tag...i'll play...but it's going to be awhile before I can play...i'm dealing with quite a lot at the moment. xo

  2. that was very enjoyable. :) toby is adorable. glad you have him to fill your home w/ love. and i'm glad i already read your name as de-anna because i don't have to retrain my brain. :) your family is lovely, as you already know. nice to read a 'good place' post.

  3. Oh, yes! I am so with you on the awesome smell of coffee brewing in the morning! :)

  4. Special talents ----- your photography is AMAZING & so inspiring to me!
    Thank you for thinking of me & inviting me to play along.
    I so enjoyed reading your answers & getting to know even more about you!

  5. It was so much fun to get a little more personal peek in to your life. Wonderful job Deanna!

  6. oh, i liked this a lot ... enjoyed seeing more info. all about you. that was fun. love the photo of you & your sweetie. so cute!! love your glasses. your family is so beautiful. love all that red. such a beautiful soul you are. ( :

  7. First of all, let me say that is the prettiest picture of a dog that I have ever seen...were those leaves real? Or did you buy some fake ones and spread them out for him to lay pretty! He is a handsome dude!

    Secondly, you are much too modest...talented, you are! From wording this blog to where I read every word, to taking such wonderful pictures like you do...taking pictures of things I would never even think to take pictures of!

    And guess what! I haven't had a drink of water in nearly 20 years now. I can't stand the stuff...and when you read up on where your water comes from....oooooo, who would want to put THAT in their mouths??? Not me!!! I think it's funny that you drink coffee first, then CAFFIENE FREE Pepsi. I guess you don't want to overdo the caffeine? That's kinda' like drinking Diet Coke with your Big Mac meal.

    I'm with you on McD's....and especially the McDouble and small fry! Hubby and I have decided that will be our meal lots of days once I lose my job!

    I love your blog!

  8. OMG I was calling you the wrong name I am so glad you cleared that up. I would have been so embarrassed if we met in person. You do have a talent your photography and your musings. You give so many of us so much inspiration. I love that you participated in this who knew I could learn so much more about you.

  9. It was so fun reading about you.. You are awesome indeed and a talented writer and photographer.


  10. I loved learning more about you! Thank you for sharing. :)

  11. How nice to read more about you. I always enjoy what you write and those beautiful crisp photos. I like to join the Tagging-game, thanks for invinting me, Deanna. The truth however is, that my English isn't that well and I'm not a talented writer. So that said, I will try to answer all the questions (on my blog) as soon as possible :)

  12. Thank you for joining in this game of tag - I love learning more about people and seeing similarities that I suspected was there, but now confirm in words. Shopping carts in the parking lot - errr! And those 'cap' sleeves in 'Women's' department - seriously! I can also relate to the whole name game. There is maybe one person in my husband's family that can spell my name and if I had a dollar for the times I was called Micky when growing up, lets just say I'd be sitting pretty.

    Deanna, have a lovely Friday.

  13. Oh this was so fun Deanna, always enjoy getting to know a little more about you!! xo

  14. Great get to know you post! I'm glad you are a t good place in your world and enjoying life to the fullest!

  15. I enjoyed learning more about you. The Thorn Birds was my favorite book for years. Have a great day!

  16. You have really found your element D E A N N A. In your blog you can see your love for writing and photography both of which you do so well. Have a great weekend.

  17. Great fun. Can you believe that as well as we know each other that I learned something about you? I didn't know you were born in OK. I may try answering the questions. It would be a good exercise for anyone.

  18. Such fun to get to know you even better, De Anna. And that photo of you and your sweetie ... priceless.

  19. Gee, that's a lot of questions, but lots of fun to read... so glad you shared!

  20. Nice to get to know you better.
    We share a lot of the same likes, and pet peeves.
    You have a very handsome family. Including, of course, Toby. He looks like such a sweetheart.

    And, talent? Girl, you have a TON of it.

  21. It was fun to read your answer to the prompts, Deanna. You're rich in family, in great memories, and in a positive attitude that shines through your prose and photos. AND, I love Toby!

  22. That was great Deanna, it was lovely to read about you and your life thanks for sharing....

  23. Loved reading this beautiful post about you, Deanna. Goodness - I've been away from your blog for far too long!


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