Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap....

This weekend, while the northeast was being buried in snow, I enjoyed 2 movies, 2 lunches and 1 dinner with friends, and a trip to Milwaukee to visit my grandson and his wife.  A fun-filled weekend. The first movie was "Side Effects" with Jude Law and Rooney Mara (aka the girl with the dragon tattoo).  If you like a mystery with a few twists and unexpected turns go see this movie...all 4 of us really enjoyed it, altho I must admit we had to discuss question it over lunch...there are some twists that definitely needed discussion.

The 2nd movie was "Lincoln"...omg, I can see why this has received so many awards and nominations. Spielberg knows how to create a movie that is both informative along with brilliant acting.  I can't even begin to chose a favorite in the acting category....Daniel Day Lewis was absolutely Lincoln personified, Sally Field was outstanding as Mary (Molly as Abe called her) Todd Lincoln, Tommy Lee Jones (oh he is not a handsome man) as Thaddeus Stevens, and James Spader, (was a handsome man, now not so much) as W.N. Bilbo all delivered wonderful performances.  There were others...these just happened to stand-out to me.  

Saturday I drove to Milwaukee, only about a 2 hour drive and literally all expressway driving to visit with Brandon & Hilary.  On the drive up the snow and ice was still clinging to the trees so it was a dazzling display....I was so tempted to take a side-trip, but kept driving forward.  Once there we drove down to the lakefront (only about 4 blocks from their home).  The lake was so blue, which surprised me.  I expected it to be grey.

A couple of sweeties....

The homes in this part of the city are all old and majestic with interesting roofs and front doors....

Love this one with all that wood trim around the front door....

On our drive I also spotted this lighthouse...the North Point Light Station established in 1855 and is now on the National Registry of Historic Lighthouses.  How pretty against the blue of the sky.

And finally our trip to Anthropologie where I was overwhelmed by the fun things they can seriously drop some change in this store.  Here is a little cup (I know you are totally surprised by my purchase) and a little Valentine wish....

"There's this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger and your whispers softly echo.  It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me."  ~  Gretchen Kemp

Until next time.....


  1. beautiful snowy and blue scenes. but i LOVE that entrance to the home complete with cool gate. pretty!

  2. Lovely cold, snowy photos. I love old houses, and old lighthouses.

    I've never been in an Anthropologie, but you're making me want to go. Great new cup....surprise!

  3. This is one of my favorite posts you have done Deanna!! Every photo was beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful! Girl, you got to shop at Anthropologie!!! SIGH..... What a great choice you made.

  4. I saw that cup and immediately thought of you!!! (We may need to include a trip to Anthropologie in our Chicago gathering!)It's all Kim's fault. Shall we tell her?

    And I loved Lincoln, so much so that I saw it twice, then re-read Team of Rivals and added a couple of other new Lincoln books as well. You're right, the acting was marvelous. Wasn't it nice to see a movie where the actors actually ACTED? I thought Tommy Lee Jones was amazing but it's really hard to single out just one. Gosh, I wish more movies like this would come down the pike.

  5. you had me at the light house. so beautiful. so perfect!!!

    love the valentine's day couple. so sweet.

    looks like some one had a wonderful, pack full weekend. you need a break. relax a bit.

    nice views - glad you shared them with us. ( :

  6. Looks like a beautiful place. Love the snow. Great shots!

  7. Wonderful winter pics! I love that blue house, too. Thanks for the suggestion of "Side Effects." We saw "Lincoln" and I totally agree. It was fantastic!

  8. These shots are all such lovely winter shots. Love these old homes in milwaukee. So interesting! Hard to believe how blue the lake is..... and such a cute new cup! Even a heart shaped teabag. Glad you had fun with your delayed visit!

  9. These are gorgeous! Love, love the lighthouse and the first picture!

  10. Jude Law--oh my gosh--gotta see that one! I wondered about Lincoln. Sometimes movies that are nominated for Oscars can be a letdown. May have to check that one out as well. You got some beautiful shots on your trip. Adore the cup from Anthropologie. Awesome!

  11. A busy weekend with family and friends - what could be better? Your photos took me with you - I like that architecture and the moody sky that backdrops the lake.

  12. Glad you had a fun weekend! Will definitely see the movie Lincoln! Love all the rest of your photos, such beautiful doorways. Also love Anthropologie, such a fun place, good purchase enjoy your creative cup of tea!

  13. My hubby has to quit taking up all my time! How did I miss all these posts when you posted them?? Love all the pictures, as always. You need to publish a book of your pictures and sell them....on could make so much money!

  14. Oh my goodness.. I am in love with everyone of these photos. Girl I have to tell you that you really know how to use that camera.. And I LOVE that cup also..



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