Thursday, March 14, 2013

How About Another One?

After defining two new words for you this week, (I certainly hope you are dazzling your friends with your brilliance) my blogging buddy, Betty aka Hootnonny at Artistic Expressions Photography NC and one of my oldest,  definitely was not referring to age, only in longevity, in following my blog offered me another word....tenacious.  A little bit of schooling still remains in the old noggin because I actually knew the meaning of this word.  But for total clarification the dictionary defines tenacious as "holding together, cohesive, not easily pulled asunder, tough."  

If you are a mother or married, you are definitely tenacious in some form, either you hold everything together, you are tough, you create are definitely tenacious.  Eventho my husband and I have been married for 49 years and I consider most of those 49 years happy and filled with love we did have our moments.  About the time I was going thru my happy period (menopause) and it was definitely not "happy"....we had some rather stressful times.  I was a Bitch with a capitol B.  And I know my husband looked to others to provide him some happiness....nothing like an affair, no never, but I know he became pretty darn friendly with a certain woman at work, as well as an unhappily married woman at  church.  But we were both tenacious in our marriage, we did not want my temporary lack of happiness or his temporary need for a friendly female face to destroy what we had built together.  We held strong.

And using that first word I presented to you this week, temerity (bold and a little reckless) I have exercised some temerity in revealing this about my marriage.  I don't believe my children even knew this, may be an eye-opener for them, altho I am sure my daughter remembers my "happy" time.   Marriages are successful if they are tenacious when bumps along the way threaten to destroy the goodness of years past and the happiness of the years to come.  I know some marriages are just not meant to be and I don't believe that anyone should stick it out for the "children's sake" or perhaps because of "religious beliefs".  I cannot in my heart believe that God would want us to be locked in a marriage that causes unhappiness....He wants us to be happy and live good, whole lives, not to be stuck in a loveless marriage.  So eventho I believe strongly in the sanctity of marriage, I do not condone those that have chosen to leave an unhappy marriage.  Life is too short to not be happy.

Oh brother, Deanna, you hit the grand old age of 70 and you start preaching...

Had to stop writing this post to go and get dressed.  My friend Marti and Elaine were taking me to lunch for my birthday....continuing the celebration!!  And oh boy, did I have a surprise in store.  As I walked into the back room at the restaurant, there was a unison shout "SURPRISE"!!  Oh my goodness, the room was filled with girlfriends, all wishing me a "happy birthday".  I was totally stunned, surprised and absolutely delighted.

Tune in tomorrow for pictures!!!

I feel so very blessed to have so many friends, friends that are all so very, very special.

Until next time.....


  1. totally cool on the surprise for you!

    laughing at your preaching. :)

    love the bokeh you have in several of these shots!

  2. Incredible photos of that stunning bouquet, as well as the tulips. Preach away! at 70 I think a person has the right!

  3. Exquisite photos, and how lovely it is to have such special friends! :)

  4. I just love coming here to puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart (not to mention that my vocabulary is going to increase!). Your images are delicious! Best wishes on your birthday week!! Hugs!

  5. so exciting for you. fun!! can't wait to see those pics. ( :
    beautiful flowers.

  6. A bday surprise!! How fun!! Love the words you chose, such beautiful explanations.

  7. I am pretty sure every marriage goes through some tough times and indeed it does take tenacity to make it work...I know it has in mine. I appreciate your transparency. It only makes us love you more....

    So glad your friends are continuing to celebrate your birthday with you and I can't wait to see the pictures. Girlfriends are a gift and to have so many to make you feel special is a blessing...

  8. Ha! I know about the B life! And you aren't preaching, you're just wearing purple!

    Such pretty flowers!

  9. I would just love to have each one of these photo art images for my wall.. Totally lovely - you are
    a OUTSTANDING Photographer..

  10. I know exactly what you mean about menopause, but I didn't become a B, I became a C....a Crazy loon who did things I would never have done before...and regretted so many of my actions later after hurting the ones I loved most. Women need to know about how those hormones affect some of one had ever told me what to expect....just hot flashes...and even those weren't fully explained. No one told me I would be standing in the kitchen and bawling my eyes out over nothing, hating my life and everyone in it...and then going and trying to be young....and acting out in ways that were so un-me. We really do need to let the younger women know what those mixed up hormones can do to you, so maybe they won't act on them and have regrets. And you know, some people need a sermon now and then....and who knows? You may be just what some heart needed to hear....God often puts those bugs in our ears, I believe. If you don't speak what is in your heart, you may be denying what God has put there for you to teach. You did good.

    And my hubby was the tenacious one at that time in our marriage...Thank the Good Lord above...and thank hubby!

  11. Its a beautiful word, but (living in the Netherlands) I can't use it even I would like to look smart for a day :) Nothing worth mentioning happened during my "Happy time", lucky me. But I now all about tenacious in our marriage, it's also about building bridges in relationships.

    Beautiful images and beautiful friends, who can ask for more?!

  12. Deanna love that first one so much, the color and focus is wonderful. Have a great weekend.

  13. Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!!! 70?? You don't look a day over 50!! I am SO happy your girlfriends were there for you!! I have so much I want to say here, but don't want to write a book. I am in my "Happy" time and you said it the way it is. "B" does come out and so do alot of tears for NO reason! Drives me crazy! Last weekend, was a bad one for me with the happy emotions and it is SO comforting now to know I am not alone and you can get through it. Thank you Deanna for telling it the way it is.

  14. Preach it sistah! Haha. Love this post and learning a little more about what makes Deanna, Deanna. Your photos are so perfect. Wow. Makes me want to go out and photograph flowers...getting a little tired of birds. I know! Never thought that would happen. :) Glad you had a surprise birthday celebration. So special.

  15. Happy Happy Belated Birthday my friend. You know you are a sweet and kind person when that many people show up to celebrate you! Your photos have me smiling once again my friend. You sure do know how to use that camera of your well.. I am in about my third year of Menopause and it is no fun.. Someone was telling me that it could last up to 10 year.. Holy Moly.. I don't know it I can make it that long.. But I guess I don't have a choice.



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