Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Letters -

A couple of weeks ago, I happened upon a blog that on Friday she pens a letter.  It is rather clever that by writing the letter she is briefly summing up her week.  She entitles her blog post Friday Letters.  After checking out several that had posted to her Friday Letter's Link, I discovered, which isn't surprising, that the contributors are mostly very young mothers.  I think it's terrific that young mothers across blogland are connecting,, exchanging ideas, offering advice, but since those days are way long gone for me, my interest in joining with this link quickly disappeared.  However I still liked the idea so here is my interpretation of Friday Letters.....

Dear Sunday, you blessed us with a beautiful sunshiny day so naturally I took the opportunity to drive the countryside to capture more barns & farms with my friend, DSLR and her assistant, Tamron 18-270mm ....They make a great combination.  I sometimes wonder just how many pictures of barns, farms and fences I have??  Linking to Friday Fences.

Dear "Safe Haven", you are a movie that our Movie Club Ladies decided to see on Monday since all confessed they could never get their husbands to sit through.  If you saw the movie, "Sleeping With the Enemy" with Julia Roberts in 1991 your story-line is almost identical.  But this time author, Nicholas Sparks placed a slight (very slight) twist at the end.  You are definitely a chick-flick, but Josh Duhamel was definitely easy on the eyes.

Dear Snow, where were you at Christmas? where were you in January? where were you in early & mid February? now you decide to visit us??  Now that we are ready for Spring to arrive you decide to snow on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  OK, enough already.

Dear Alzheimer's, I hate you.  I know that is an exceptionally strong word and there is very few times that I use it, but I definitely hate Alzheimer's.  It took my husband, and now it seems to be taking so many of my friends' parents.   Another one of my very dear friends just learned her mother has Alzheimer's.  So Alzheimer's I hate you, no if's and's or buts.

Dear Tulips, you bring a breath of fresh air and a hint of spring into the house whenever I buy you.  Thank goodness grocery stores always have a delightful mix of blooms to purchase which is exactly what I did last night.

Dear Weight, I am tired of you getting in the way of buttoning my jeans & pants.  I am definitely tired of you making me look like I am almost as wide as I am tall (well not quite that bad).  I am definitely tired of not being able to wear those cute "sleeveless" tops & dresses in the summertime.  So Weight, we are going to have a serious discussion as to what we are going to do about you.

Dear March, this is your first day, so let's see how many terrific days you present to us this month, after all, it is my birthday month.  And did you know that March is Optimism Month....that means no negative thoughts are allowed, only positive and in your honor I have a new blog header, hope you like it.

So how about you have a short letter to write to sum up your week?  It was fun, give it a try. I have provided a link for any of you that would like to post to the original Friday Letters.

Until next time.....


  1. Oh this was a fun post! I think the idea of the Friday letters is great.

  2. Ahhh this was fun, but hmmm, I think my dear letter would be more of a scolding, haha! Love your tulips shot, and of course the fence and barn. And I have a dear weight too...oh my...

  3. Most of these made my laugh, except for the Alzheimer's and I am sorry it took your husband and others.

    But this is such a clever idea and I just love it!

    You know I LOVE your photos!

    p.s. thank you for suggesting getting the Downton Abbey episodes from the library! I haven't tried yet, but it's a great idea!

  4. Loved this post!
    Your fence image is a delightful edit - like a true canvas painting.
    I love your photography each time I come here - it's just gorgeous.
    Nice idea of the letter. I wouldn't fit that group either but it is a lovely idea.
    I read the Sparks book and loved it and gave a copy to my Mom for Christmas. Glad to hear the movie was good.

  5. I noticed your header yesterday and forgot to say something when I commented! I loved all of your letters and can sympathize with the Alzheimer's letter. I lost my grandmother to the disease. I read the book by Sparks but haven't seen the movie. I am curious if the twist is the same. Jealous of your snow, but you are is time for spring.

  6. love your fences. may you have more tulip days in march.

  7. Terrific post! Love all the photos. Beautiful!!

  8. I love this idea - maybe you should start your own meme (?) - just a suggestion...The photos are beautiful - I love every single one of them.

  9. Cute idea Deanna, and you do it so well. Love the color combo of the tulips and cup. Happy Early Birthday Month.

  10. i think you have reason to hate in that issue. ) :

    oh, i would have to think - i know i need a pep talk - get my attitude into adjustment. that's for sure. find time for sleep. kick the hubby in the butt & get his attitude better & more positive. ( :

  11. Love love love this idea-hate is a strong word but in your case-totally acceptable. Have a great weekend Deanna

  12. Great post...I really likte the idea of fridays letters. I do love your photos n your header is so bright n cheery!

  13. This is such a great post! I hope you felt better after writing that letter to Alzheimers! And I really enjoyed your letter to Snow. The photos are so beautiful, too!

  14. The 18-270 huh? You two do make a dynamic duo or perhaps I shouldn't count out Ms. DSLR, she deserves some credit, so terrific trio. Cute idea to do letters - perhaps something to try when I get my memes down (kept thinking yesterday I was supposed to link up to something and propped myself up at the computer only to realize I was mixing up Tuesday with Thursday).

    Alzheimers and Cancer - nasty and horrible and selfish and evil. hate seems an appropriate reaction.

  15. Deanna your tulip shots are just lovely! perfect way that you set them up. Your friday letter is a great idea, and definitely looks like it summed up your feelings for the week too. so when is your birthday? Mine is on March 8th, so not very far away! Have a good evening

  16. Beautiful photos and edits as always...I agree about the Alzheimer's too!

  17. Such a wonderful way to write down your feelings for the past week. Friday letters is a great idea!

  18. What a wonderful idea. I have to say I can't write worth a bean. I just love to hop to blogs like your and wish I could write better. I just love your writing style. And your photos are amazing my friend.


  19. I love this idea too! Maybe something us not-so-young mothers and grandmothers could do!
    No, never too many barn pictures! This one is my favorite! I love snow on the roof!


  20. Loving this idea - maybe I'll rework my Monday morning coffee into a similar format to include more than my weekend.
    I do LOVE your new blog header!
    HATE is not a strong enough word for alzheimer's - it's taking my aunt from our family & hate just isn't strong enough to describe what it's doing to all of us.

  21. What a very nice idea, and a good way to express what's happening in your life. I'm glad to see most of it is positive, although the difficult parts seem particularly hard.

    Your photos are beautiful, and I love the textures you've used with them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  22. Good idea. The weeks fly by so fast, it's good to take stock of what happened, before the next one shows up.

    And, I agree with all the comments about alzheimer's. It and cancer, are hateful things. They take away far too many, far too soon.

    Love your photos and editing, as usual.

    Hmmm....maybe we all wished too hard for you to get some snow.

  23. Deanna what a wonderful post and next week I might join in with Friday letters.....

  24. Hi Deanna, and happy weekend to you. I love the new blog header. It's so bright and cheery, and made me think of Spring right away, even though it still has snowy pictures in it. I also love the texture you used on your pictures. Many of them look like they are on a gauzy canvas. I just purchased Kim Klassen's newest set of textures. I am so excited to take some fresh pictures and try them out! The letter idea is wonderful, kind of a nice way to wrap up the week. I don't blame you for hating Alzheimer's. It is an awful illness. I am sorry it has taken so much from you, but I am also in awe of your strength and positive outlook that you seem to go forward with each day. Hugs to you.


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