Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet Violas

Decorate the canvas of your life
Make it a piece of living art.
Decorate your home.

Fill it with plants that breathe and mirrors that shine,
prisms that paint rainbows on your walls.
Fill vases and jugs and bowls and baskets with flowers
and fruit and anything that brings you joy.

Decorate your body.
Paint if that's your passion.
Drape yourself with scarves that flutter and fly.

Decorate yourself with chains and beads of silver or gold or
with silk or cotton or wool embroidered or laced with ribbon and all
as lovely as you.

Decorate your garden with anything the squirrels won't eat,
and decorate the sky with your smile.

Little by Little

Until next time....


  1. loved your words. loved the violas in the tea cup!

  2. These are so pretty! I love the first one which I assume is an egg shell. Looks lovely and spring like! You always bring beauty to bloggy land.

  3. Violas are so pretty and so delicate - you captured them so well!

  4. The egg sitting on the nest filled with flowers is so sweet. Putting them in one of your awesome cups is also delightful.

  5. on my knees, bent at the waist, raising my torso from the ground, arms outstretched, then down to the floor, then up again....I worship your artistic ability. You are an amazing photographer and you have such thoughtful words to caption them with!

  6. Beautiful words, and such lovely photographs, Deanna.
    I wish you a very Happy Easter.

  7. Oh, very sweet words and photos today, Deanna! Your post just sings with joy! Thank you for the uplifting post today! Hugs, xoxo

  8. sweet post. love pansies. big hugs. ( :

  9. The violas in the teacup and eggshell are just exquisite! Pretty words, too.

  10. Lovely photos and lovely words.
    Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

  11. Ain't she sweet?! Yes, she is... so lovely in your cup and gorgeous edit.

  12. Sweet sweet Easter feel -- #2 and 3 are my favorites today..

  13. giggled at the statement "anything the squirrels won't eat"...

  14. Lovely words and awesome photos! Great advise...


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