Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Fairy Garden

As I mentioned yesterday I enjoyed a Garden Walk that had a total of 5 lovely gardens, each one different than the other.  Today I want to feature one in particular.  Not only was there lovely gardens at this home, but there were many, many, many small fairy gardens everywhere you looked.  I didn't count how many there were, but I overheard someone say there were about 50.  She and her daughter decided that they wanted to begin fairy gardening and begin they did.

For you that are not familiar with Fairy is simply creating a tiny garden that you might find a fairy or two among the pathways.  It is also referred to as "miniature gardening"...everything is in miniature, including the plants.  You can create a  miniature garden in just about any container that you might have....pots, bird baths, old wagons, even on the ground itself.  Just make sure there is enough drainage in whatever container you decide to don't want those fairies drowning.  Our garden centers here (not Home Depot or Leows) but "garden" centers have an abundance of miniature plants, materials, and lovely adornments to complete your garden.

So enjoy this collection of "Fairy Gardens" that I captured on the Garden Walk....It was an extremely bright sunny day, so sometimes there were huge shadows, I did my best to edit these in order to see the details.  If I would have realized that we would be visiting a "fairy garden" I would have definitely taken my macro lens...but ofcourse I didn't.

Along with the "fairy gardens" there were two little "fairies" that were entertaining us as they flitted around the gardens.

And another beautiful table setting on the patio....

A sweet little toadstool table and stools....

A Teddy Bear enjoying a spot of tea in the garden....

Everywhere you looked at this lovely home there were sweet little treasures.  The grounds were beautiful as well as their patio...truly a feast for the eyes.

Until next time....


  1. Those fairy gardens are awesome!!!!!
    How magical ... what a lovely time you must have had! :-D

  2. i loved the live fairies best. :)

  3. I've got to make a Fairy Garden for Samantha! Too cute.

  4. How fun. I have never even heard of fairy gardens before. They are so cute...


  5. These are adorable - I am challenged enough to keep my own yard groomed - forget a little fairy one. I think the two dancing fairies are super cute.

  6. Deanna,
    Fairy gardens is a new one for me, interesting. They look like a fun way to pass the time. Thanks for sharing something new to me. Looks like you enjoyed the gardens.

  7. so sweet; someone has so much fun creating those beautiful little fairy gardens and I bet those real fairies were having a ball too


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