Monday, June 10, 2013

Thoughts on a Monday.....

Just because I work out in the yard all day and get so tired that my muscles and joints hurt, take 3 Ibuprofen, soak in a hot tub prior to going to bed does NOT mean I will fall asleep.  Last night was a doozy...eventually got up at 5:30 AM, when the mist and the dew were still lingering.  Did I grab my camera and take, I was too tired....go figure.

Did it rain again last night?  Yes, but that's OK because I mowed the lawn yesterday and it always needs a little drink of water after a haircut.

My baby cardinal has disappeared.  I went to the nest yesterday and it was gone, with 2 little eggs still in the nest.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that Mama was just so agitated with me working so closely around her that she picked up her little one and went to higher ground.

Yes, Virginia, there is a bird feeder that definitely is squirrel proof.  The squirrels tried but failed and now they have to be satisfied with the droppings on the ground.  You can find it here.  It is a little pricey and you can even get bigger ones, but they do work.

TV - with summer here all new shows or new seasons begin, unlike the old days of nothing but re-runs on until the new fall season would commence in September.  The 3rd season of "Falling Skies" on TNT started last night.  I had never watched it the prior two seasons until one of my friends said she watched a marathon of the 1st season and really liked it.  Hmm, since I subscribe to Amazon Prime, one of the perks is having available full seasons of past series.  OK, it's free, let's give it a try.  Needless to say, I got hooked, watched 2 full seasons via Amazon Prime and now ready to begin the 3rd season with full anticipation.  And I must admit that watching a series in big chunks really gets you interested and the continuity of story and characters is so much more enjoyable.  And speaking of TV....I finally decided to try the "closed caption" option because I was having difficulty understanding words and sometimes whole sentences on certain TV shows, especially those with accents ie: Game of Thrones or any of the English Masterpiece series.  I like those shows, but sometimes their language becomes so difficult to understand I loose whole conversations.  Switching on that "closed caption" option has helped tremendously.  I don't consider myself hard of hearing, just sometimes the words, because of the heavy accents, become garbled. If you have that same problem, give it a whirl, you might be surprised.

I love going to my daughter's dance recitals eventho my grandgirls have all grown up, one doesn't participate at all anymore and the other does it for fun, I still enjoy watching the young girls as they grow up and become more accomplished dancers with each passing year.  Just a few snaps I took prior to the show...except for the one of my daughter, which was while she wrapped things up at the end of the production.

OK, now I am sleepy, I think I may go take a nap.

"Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the men and women who implement them are priceless."  ~  Mary Kay Ash

Until next time.....


  1. It's probably a good thing I can't watch tv on my computer (not enough monthly data), or that would become a habit, I believe!

    Cute photos of the dance recital. Your daughter looks very much like you. :)

  2. is your bird feeder hanging from a tree or? i have a feeder that is said to be "squirrel proof" & sadly it is not. they silly squirrels find a way every time. i gave up feeding the birds a long time ago because i refuse to feel the silly creatures. ha. ha!!

    please sleep better tonight. i hope. maybe you just worked to hard & your mind/body could not chill out? no clue. that stinks. but i can so sympathize. been there & done that many times. ha. ha!!

    have a good week. i love your Shrek - relative. sorry can't recall if that was a grandchild or? she is too cute!! ( :

  3. I love my Amazon Prime account! Will check out the series you mentioned. Your daughter is so beautiful--gorgeous eyes and hair. Your roses are delightful. I guess rain does have its benefits.

  4. I understand what you are saying about the accents. I imagine it is the same all over the world. I read The Game of Thrones books (well, I've finished three of them) so I found that a little easier to follow. But now and then... I might have to check out "Falling Skies." Wonder if they have it on Netflix.

  5. i'm with you on the watching a series all at once. i'm so bad at remembering what happened - even from week to week. i do much better when i can tape it and watch it in a bunch at once. :) gonna miss game of thrones...

  6. Your daughter is lovely. I do hope you get a good night of sleep tonight!

  7. We have Amazon Prime too - maybe this summer I'll be able to check out some of these shows you keep mentioning.
    I certainly hope you get some sleep soon. I have never, ever had a problem sleeping - drove my mom nuts because my dad was the same way & she wasn't.

  8. I always use closed caption if it's available....on Netflix streaming, they don't offer it....well, not on my tv....I actually think they do if you watch on your computer. I am 57 and have been using the closed captions for at least ten years....because some things they say are inaudible...some are with different accents, like you said (but I have just as much trouble understanding New Yorkers, for instance, as I do someone from Britain!), and sometimes, it helps with hearing when my family is making too much noise. That way, I don't have to rewind! :)

    Your daughter is certainly a beauty! Like her momma!

  9. Aaah! A fellow insomniac! I have always been a night owl, but since becoming a 'certain age', the aches and pains have made it hard to get a good night's sleep. Thanks for the tip about the closed caption - I would have never thought of it and those British accents are difficult to follow. Hope the baby cardinal turns up. Your roses are beautiful, but your daughter is gorgeous. Hope you get some sleep soon. Hugs xoxo

  10. Closed captioning! Ah-ha! I'll try that. We watch a several shows with British accents. I have two birds nests with eggs right at my front porch. One is in a potted fern. I haven't heard cheep-cheep yet. That arbor and rose shot is fantastic. Sleep well.

  11. I must admit we watch US TV series ometimes with subtitles some of the accents we find difficult....

  12. Since we moved into our 5th wheel we don't have a DVR.. So I catch up on episodes that I miss on Hulu.. They run a week behind but that's OK by me. I watch the 1st two episodes of the Bachelorette this weekend. LOVE IT!!

    As always I loved your photos.


  13. I totally admire you for mowing your own yard!! Hi-5! Amazon Prime...never heard of it. I need to go do some research now! And, your daughter is gorgeous!!


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