Friday, November 1, 2013

Lordy, It's Friday Again...

Lordy, it's Friday again.  Thanksgiving month has arrived and Christmas is literally just around the corner.  Yesterday I was in a quandary over if or how much Halloween candy to buy, today I am thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and the fact that my whole family will be here at the house to help in giving thanks for all of our blessings.  And btw, I never left the house yesterday to buy that candy, convinced that there would be no Trick or Treaters because it rained & rained & rained...but then just about 4:00 PM the clouds began to clear, the rains stopped and with that this woman grabbed her purse & literally ran out the door to get to Walgreen's to buy candy for those I knew would be coming. And come they did, it was like the flood gates opened (in more ways than one).  Big kids, who I thought were a little too old to be going door to door with their hands out, and the cutie little ones. It happened quickly and was over quickly.  Another Halloween gone and done with.  I guess many towns postponed their trick or treating until the weekend due to bad weather.  Sure hope those towns aren't any where near me, because I have very few pieces of treats left.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day with temps in the 60's and lovely blue skies.  I really thought that by the time I came home from Tennessee all of our color would be gone, but this year we have been pleasantly surprised.  The trees are just now peaking, with many still filled with green.  Usually by Halloween the trees are bare but this year we have enjoyed longer color.  I walked around the neighborhood and captured some glorious colors....

And to top it off I found a heart shaped apple on my neighbor's tree.  I do believe I am turning this into a canvas for the wall in my family room.  I think I will do 2 other "red" finds and make 3 8"x8" square canvases.

And Wednesday before it started raining I went to the Arboretum to grab some more color with my camera, you can't have too many pics of this wonderful time of the year.


And quickly 5 random stuff...

  • Snicker's is my favorite candy so that was my back-up bag in case I ran out of M&M's. Never had to open the back-up bag, so guess's all mine now. (followed by a wicked laugh)
  • I am shooting a small wedding on Saturday, my first wedding but it will be VERY small, just immediate family attending and it is 2nd marriages for the "mature couple".  Wish me luck!!
  • The kids (aka the dogs) are getting along so much better now.  I think it was the week they spent so much time together alone in the house while I was in Tennessee.  The kid across the street came over 3 & 4 times a day to let them out and feed them and then my granddaughter, Bailey came Thursday, Friday and spent the night both nights.  So they were alone together for quite a bit of time.  
  • I am reading a creepy book, "Help for the Haunted" by John Searles recommended by one of my blogging friends, Karen at Away for the Weekend.  Figured it was that time of year for a scary book. 
  • There are 2 TV shows that I watch without fail....I am totally addicted to "The Watchlist" and "Scandal"...they leave me hanging each week, wanting more.  
And please, if you could hop on over to my collaborative blog "Focusing On Life" where I am talking about "watching your back(grounds)" would be much appreciated.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a grateful filled month ahead.  

Joining Nancy & Kim....

Kim Klassen dot Com

Until next time....


  1. Oh I love Scandal it's a bit different to the West Wing, Watchlist I don't know . Such pretty leaves I shall miss October have a great weekend.

  2. I loved reading your newsy post...Your shots are gorgeous and I especially love the heart apple..I think your idea of putting it on canvas is a great one...I hope you have a great weekend....

  3. Wow! I love the shapes and pops of color!

  4. A beautiful autumn palette, glorious colors. I'm with Nancy, love the heart shape apple too!

  5. i luv snickers. my Dad found them almonds... have u tried those? a lot sweeter but good. u enjoy ur weekend. ( :

  6. You did find some beautiful colors. Have a great weekend!

  7. Nothing like the beauty of fall, and you have done it justice for sure, so lovely.Good luck with the wedding.

  8. You're blessed to have such beautiful color. I am still waiting...

    Best of luck on the wedding, but I have no doubt the photos will be awesome. :)

  9. i agree with both of those tv shows. :) and a few others on cable, too.

    LOVE the heart apple - i emailed your post to clytie over at random hearts - hope you don't mind. she loves found hearts. :)

    glad you salvaged halloween and had candy available for the masses!

  10. All so pretty, and the apple heart is a great find!

  11. Gorgeous colors, wow!
    Glad it dried out for the kiddies (-: and good luck with the wedding!!

  12. That apple was a wonderful find! Have fun clicking away at the wedding. I know you'll do great!

  13. No way, a heart shaped apple - sweet!
    I wish I were back at the Arboretum with you!
    I think the same storm we had went all the way up to you, it was like a Niagra Fall yesterday with minor flooding and then just like you by five o'clock all was clear and we had the most beautiful sunset ever!
    I have broke out in a cold sweat just at the thought of shooting a wedding - you are such a brave woman! :)
    I do love all these photos, but the one with the green storm drain and leaves....really love that one!

    Have a great weekend, I know you will rock the wedding photos!

  14. What a great find that apple was! It would look great on canvas. You captured the pieces of autumn so beautifully in these photos. Enjoy the wedding tomorrow--I know you'll do great!

    I'm so glad the dogs are getting along better. I love to see animal friends. I wonder if our Chase Bird, who is our lone cat, gets lonely It's hard to tell.

  15. HI Deanna Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots of autumn but my favorite is the apple. That is brilliant. I would kill you for a snicker's bar. Remember that!!!!

  16. What gorgeous shots!!!! Each and every one!
    And ..... what???????? A heart-shaped apple!!!???? How awesome was that to find!!! Dang!
    I'm partial to Heath Bars and Baby Ruths ..... ;-)
    Enjoy the candy and the weekend.

  17. Now, I'm thinking you might have planned to have that leftover bag! LOL! Will hop over to your other blog..meant too the last time I was here and forgot.

  18. I love your fall pics especially the apple. We had a long and very lovely fall, too. Sorry to see it go. Good luck with the wedding. I would be very nervous about that, but I bet you'll do fine.

  19. Sure am loving all that fall color you're still having. This is a first - a heart apple! I have a bunch of pics in a folder on my desktop, trying to decide which to have made into canvases. Thinking I might try just 1 or 2 to see how they look. At present, my whole entry wall is bare after painting!

  20. This extended fall has been glorious, our fall colors are right on course with yours. I get out every day that it isn't raining or hailing.

  21. Happy November, Deanna!

    Thank You for sharing your beautiful autumn colors. Since Old Man Winter decided to show up in early October, our fall colors didn't last long in South Dakota.

    We live so far out in the middle of nowhere and there are very few kids in the neighborhood, so we don’t get any ghosts, goblins or cute animals. We have not had a Trick-or-Treater for years. I think we had one family that came 2 or 3 years when we were first married. Kind of sad.

    Have a great time photographing the wedding. You will be great!

  22. Your fall photos are amazing. I just know that your wedding photos are going to be great.. So glad to hear your puppies are getting along better. I guess they just needed time.


  23. Gorgeous fall photos today - I can't get enough of the beauty this time of year! Best of luck on the wedding - I know you will take wonderful shots for the lucky couple. The apple photo begs to be framed. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs xo

  24. What a lovely apple. I love when things like that happen. Such beautiful images!

  25. Wishing you the best of luck with the wedding, Deanna.
    I know you will do just fine.
    I love the heart-shaped apple!!
    Did not know about your other blog. Off to visit right now.

    Have a great weekend!

  26. Well, now ... I read this on my iPad while I was on the treadmill but I can't reply on that thing so here I am at the big computer ready to say, 'Hi, Friend!' And I'm happy I came along to have another look at your lovely fall treasures. Hope your wedding went well today ... I'm sure it did.

  27. I forgot to stop by here on Friday. These shots are stunning. I just loved them all. Was happy to hear the dogs are getting along better now. (I've forgotten the new one's name though)


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