Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Apology and The Last Day....

First off my apologies for any of you that received a bogus e-mail from me stating I was in Madrid, stranded and needed money.  I only wish I was in Madrid, and yes, I could always use money, but it was not from me, but from some brainless, too much time on their hands, conniving person looking for snicks and grins or a quick buck.  The good news was that I received e-mails and phone calls from around the world asking if I was OK and making sure I was not in Madrid needing money, I spoke to people I had not heard from in a long time.  But....the bad news was that this conniver erased ALL of my emails and ALL of my I am starting all over...clean slate.  YURK!!  I am telling all my local friends that those that wish to donate money for my trip to Madrid, (hee hee) that there is a basket out by the mailbox to drop off their far the basket remains empty.  

Today was the last day of Bible Study until we resume again in the fall.  But not to worry, a bunch of us still continue to gather each Wednesday at our local Barnes & Noble Book Store to drink coffee/tea/water and to chit chat about our week.  These gatherings are so full of love and energy and our circle continues to grow.  The first year we only had 2/3 or 4, last year it grew to 9-12...wonder what this summer will bring.

This being the last day of Bible Study we ofcourse, reflected on what this study had meant to us and what we took away...the study was on St.Paul's letters to the Philippians and the Colossians.  He wrote both of these books of the New Testament filled with joy and the holy spirit while in a Roman prison encouraging the people of Philippi and Colassae to stay strong, to not falter on their path to Christianity and to use his teachings with wisdom.  I am not so sure how much joy I could find being inprisoned but Paul had such faith and was so determined to spread the word of Christ that joy flowed from his heart.  In ending this discussion our leader quoted the minister in a recent Sunday sermon...."The Bible doesn't prove God, but it is an invitation to respond to what you have heard and read."  I thought that was pretty profound.

Two weeks ago I took my camera to Bible Study (should be no surprise) and by invitation I was asked to take random pics of our Wednesday morning group so we could submit the pics to our local TV station NLTV on their 25th anniversay.  Naperville folks were asked to submit pics or videos as to what we were doing on Wednesday, May 2nd so this is what I did.....

Then, last week we had our luncheon...the tables were beautifully decorated...

Each of us was asked to bring a salad.  There were about 75 women at this luncheon and that meant 75 different salads.  My tummy filled up way too fast, there were far too many to even taste.

After that wonderful food, one of the ladies from the church that works at our local Garden Center did a lovely presentation on container gardening....she summed everything up by saying when planting a container you need a THRILLER, SPILLERS, AND FILLERS....never heard that before but great advice.

A wonderful time was had by all....

Summing all this up I heard another good quote today...."Will what you do today make God smile?"  Something to think about.

Until next time.....


  1. well, it is good to know that you are not stranded in Madrid! you seem to be taking it with a grain of salt : ) those salads look so delicious, i love salad luncheons! your bible study friends look like a lovely group.

  2. The table decorations are gorgeous. The salads and company look wonderful too! Great to have a photographic record of these aspects of our lives too.

  3. All of your pictures show beauty. The flowers, the salads, and the ladies but the ladies win here. So many beautiful women at your luncheon. I like the Thriller, filler and spiller makes sense.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. Erased all your contacts, what a bugger!! Your black and white collage is so great, and those tables, bible study ended in late March : ( Well, and if you ever DO go to Madrid, I want to go with you! (I was born in Spain)

  5. That's so beautiful! I'm totally impressed that you resolved to take pictures of these women, and then were given an excuse to do so! I am by far most shy to bring out my camera in a group of women, afraid that they will be uncomfortable in front of the lens. Most of yours are candids though--wonderful job, and treasured memories.

  6. Hi Deanna,

    I knew when I read the e-mail, that it was just spam.

    Your photographs are wonderful, and it looks like you all had such a lovely time at your event. So many salads, wow! Your Bible study groups looks so nice, it is just a beautiful thing to share the Word and friends at the same time. You are such a great photographer, Deanna.

    Wishing you a beautiful day.


  7. Geez Louise these are gorgeous photos Deanna! And I was gonna ask you why you went to Madrid and didn't ask ME to come along, when I opened up that email the other day :)

  8. Oh, Deanna! I got one of those emails, too, but as I'd just heard from you, I knew it was spam/prank/whatever and I quickly deleted it. I'm glad so many people contacted you but so distressed to know that the "prankster" (the term we use in polite company) caused you such grief. Ugh!

    The thing that struck me most about your beautiful pictures is the age span within your church group. That is marvelous!


  9. Hi Deanna - I knew that e-mail was garbage - it's crazy how someone can do that . . . eek! I love, love the processing on the first collage! But all your photography is such a treat!

  10. Deanna,
    Your pictures are beautiful, but I wonder who is that fat girl who ate Susie? Let's see if we can find her and get her to spit me back out:)

  11. Hi Deanna,,,so glad to see that you are not stranded overseas, whatever country to was. Your photos of your church group is wonderful. I love love the first collage, done in the sepia tones. so special! have a great day!

  12. Both collages are wonderful Deanna! I especially love the Wednesday one. Did you use a flash for the others?

    I forwarded the scam email as instructed on the government page on email scams. However, they were returned due to the mailbox being full!

    Wonder if the scammers reached you through your blog. I was getting spam until I instituted word verification. As much as I love the internet, it is a very scary place!

  13. Sounds like you are one busy lady! I just love your photos.. Those flowers look so pretty!

  14. The table decoration is really pretty ! And the salads look so yummy :)

  15. What perfectly decorated tables and such lovely looking food. I am sure the event was a total success.

  16. Oh, and I forgot to mention... I LOVE your blog header :)


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