Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I wonder why that sometimes the only time I seem to pray is when I need something?  I am so very guilty of this very act at times.  I drove up today to see my sweetheart and on the way, always on the way, I pray that all will be OK.  That he will recognize me, that he will be in good spirits, that the staff will tell me that he is cooperative and eating well.  I should be praying everyday, all the time, but somehow as hard as I want it to happen, it doesn't.  When I stop and think about this, I am embarrassed and angry with myself for forgetting to say thanks to God and to constantly remember that all blessings come from God and I do have many blessings in my life.  You say thank you to the waitress that brings your food, you give your hairdresser a huge thank you and sometimes a nice tip, but I can't remember to say thanks to God each and everyday for graces that he freely gives and apparently keeps giving even without daily thank-you's?  I buy prayer books, meditation books, good thoughts each day books, and they work for awhile, but then I fall back into old habits and regress to praying only when there seems to be a need.  When my husband was still home, we prayed together everyday, sometimes as simple as a thanksgiving prayer over meals. 

Today at the Memory Care Facility they had a "church" service. A visiting deacon came, hymns were sung, prayers were said, even a homily (sermon) was presented.  I decided to stay.  Eventho each and every person, both the men and women all have some kind of memory issues, dementia, alzheimer's, they all participated to some degree in the service.  I glanced at my husband, he would sing along, mostly just moving his mouth, and the same when it came to the prayers, but there was participation.  If those that are losing themselves bit by bit can still pray and sing and listen then why don't I pray and participate each and everyday? 

I don't think praying has to be formal, think of it as a another kind of conversation, this time with God.  I need to remember to pray the way that feels right to me.  Sitting down - sometimes, standing up - absolutely, kneel probably not since my knees are so bad, lie down - the chance of falling asleep, chant, singing - abolutely, or speaking out-loud, usually. Instead of praying for just something I need, I need to remember to pray that I will be granted wisdom, courage, faith, healing and for my highest good.  I need to remember to pray for others, those I know, those that I don't.  I need to remember to pray when things are going well, that I am grateful, not just when I have a need.  And I should never underestimate the power of prayer, I have seen it work over and over again.   

I seem to be revealing a lot about myself lately.  I think it may be because of Kim Klassen's class "Beyond Layers"...she has us thinking, revealing, wishing, hoping, uncovering our layers and praying.  

A few images from the back yard....a thankful prayer.

Even the dandelions have a special look.....

Slowly opening of the clematis, note the little bug...

A birthday gift....cyclamen on the kitchen windowsill...

"Seven days without prayer makes one weak."  Allen E. Vartlett

Until next time.....


  1. My dear,don't be so hard on yourself,Our Lord knows whats in your heart.
    I agree with you that saying prayers and giving thanks can be at any time during the day or night,- mine are said in the morning, as I tend to fall asleep in the evening!!

    The Dandilion is a wonderful capture,but they are all lovely.
    A huge hug.

  2. oh, i really love that quote. need to write that down. such a wonderful post. & so true. i wonder why we are like that. i find myself in similar shoes often. i'm trying to bring prayer more into my life but at times i feel rushed & stressed. really try to slow myself down. it's tough. wish you well with that. big hugs. (:

  3. You are not alone, I feel the same. Appreciating the simple things is a form of thanks, for example, the beautiful shot you have of the spent dandelion. Wonderful shot.

  4. This was such a beautiful post Deanna, and yes while we should pray often and give thanks and praise, the holy spirit knows what's on our minds. I often pray in the shower (lol) and often when I pray when I go to bed, I rarely ever get to Amen before I fall asleep! ; )

  5. And oops, love the photos, as always - Really like how you framed the first one and the dandelion . . . love the perspective on that. (I have one sitting on my counter just waiting for me)

  6. I feel the same way. I have so much to be thankful for yet a full day will go by and I realize I've forgot to speak with God, to Praise Him properly etc. It makes me so mad at myself. I know that God knows me, and my heart though, and He knows that I am so thankful. I need to be more deliberate in my daily prayer though.

    Glad you got to spend some time with your sweetie and thank you for your message today!


  7. I often feel the same way, Deanna. One thing I try to remember is that God doesn't judge our prayer life on the number of words we bring to him. It is good for US to pray, but if all that we do is picture ourselves in his presence and be present with him, that is sometimes the best way to let HIM be the one to do the speaking.

  8. Thank you for your honesty and for the reminder we can all use in our busy lives.
    I love you shots today.

  9. I was just praying about prayer this morning. I pray a lot, all the time, but I realized this morning that my prayers are often me focused and not others focused. I do pray for other needs, but I want to get to where I pray for "all Christians everywhere" as the Bible tells us to. Not quick prayers, but down on my knees heartfelt prayers for those who have asked me to pray. Thanks for sharing this. I also talked about Alzheimer's today. Isn't it amazing what we have learned through this process?

  10. Oh my-I feel this way so often. But I try to remember that it's not just praying that we need to be doing. There has to be an open line of communication at all times between us and God. Praying is most certainly needed for there is power in prayer. We do need to thank our Lord for our blessings and pray for others and strength and courage for ourselves. But if our mind is constantly open and we talk to our Lord all day long then it is easier to thank him for the things he blesses us with and when a thought enters our mind of someone or something that we need to ask help with then speak it that moment. There doesn't need to be a special time for prayer just a never ending conversation with our Lord.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  11. So completely beautiful and well spoken Deanna. Gorgeous shots.

  12. I believe it's the same with giving thanks for the everyday good things we have in our lives -- food, shelter, love from friends, spouses and relatives... it's easy to take these things for granted as if they will always be there.

    Did you notice the heart in your dandelion photo? :) xoxo

  13. A beautiful post. Yes, I too have found myself often neglecting to Pray and say thanks for the Good Things that God has given me. It's good to be reminded of this.
    Your photo's are as always amazing.
    I see Nancy spotted the "heart" in the Dandelion photo and commented on it before I could.


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