Friday, May 18, 2012

Wonder Woman.....NOT!!

Today was an absolute "full to the brim kinda day".  It is now almost 10:00 PM as I am writing this, a bit sleepy with a good tiredness.  I got up this morning at 6:30 AM.  Now that may not seem astonishing to most folks but to me, that is totally out of character.  I am not an early riser altho I would like to be.  I would love to fall sound asleep by 11:00 PM, sleep thru the night and wake up totally refreshed at 6:00 AM every day.  But that is usually not the case....can't seem to do that first thing, fall asleep.

I was up, drinking coffee and finishing the book for bookclub which met tonight at my house (thought since I was the one that choose the book, it would be the good thing if I read the book too).  It was a great read, and the rest of the group totally enjoyed it as well.  I highly recommend this book..."Faith" by Jennifer Haigh.  Briefly it is the story of an Irish Catholic Priest in Boston accused of child molestation.  Great read, good discussion.

After completing the book the sun was up and shining brightly, time to plant.  I spent yesterday buying plants for my pots in the front yard, front porch and back yard.  Today I started to fill the pots.  This year I am going for oranges and yellows and reds with a few whites, blues and pinks.  Going from one nursery to the next my mind begins to go into overload, so many choices, so many beautiful choices.  Do you have that problem or do you stick to the same plants/flowers each year?  Sure would be easier.

Then it was time to get the back screen porch cleaned and ready for another summer of sittin' and sippin'.    And to wrap things up, bake a batch of brownies for my bookclub gals.  Wow, I sound like Wonder Woman....but we will see how swiftly Wonder Woman moves tomorrow....NOT!

My first visitor to the newly hung and filled bird feeders...the pics are a little blurry due to shooting thru the screen...

Another cool plant I found in my journeys....

The Catmint is in full bloom....

This year I am going to enjoy my flowers inside as well as roses and peonies.

Red roses and yellow pansies...Linking to Leanne's


Yeah, the porch is ready....

New tablecloth for the table.....

Even Toby has settled in on the porch...

And one last shot of my fav flower this year...linking to

I am tired....I am going to bed, hopefully to sleep.  Please stop by my collaborative blog, Focusing on Life, where I am musing on dreaming...

"Won't you come into my garden?  I want my roses to see you."  ~  Richard B Sheridan

Until next time.....


  1. That does sound like a Wonder Woman sort of day...very busy! I bet it felt good to get lots done though. Your porch looks nice and bright and all ready for summer. I bought some flowers, but still have only planted about half of them. I always put geraniums in the pots nearest my front door since it gets so hot out there. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. Your porch is gorgeous!! Love the bright colors. Today you can relax and enjoy it. :-)

  3. Your photos are stunning and your place looks so cheerful and cozy! Very inviting ;)

  4. Oh my goodness - I feel like I just leafed through a glossy garden magazine! Love your porch - so bright and cheery - very inspirational. Love that arrangement in the white vase and the texture . . . whoa . . .

    Guess what? I bought all my flower pots, set them out, woke up yesterday to find some of them had been touched (ever so lightly) by frost :( I think they will be OK though.

  5. So beautiful and your porch is to die for!! Enjoying it vicariously through your pictures. :) Thanks for linking up with Flower Art Friday!

  6. Oh my, I love your porch! And you've decorated it just as I would want myself. Your photos, as always, are magnificent.

  7. Beautiful photos!
    Toby looks cute and the last one is very unique and lovely.

  8. Oh my, I just want to sit on your front porch and get cozy!! I love it!! And yes, I have the same problem when I go to the nurseries, so much indecisiveness and then I end up buying much of the same.

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous flowers, just so beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend and try to rest:)

  10. I would absolutely love to sit on your porch with you, delicious coffee in hand...LOVE that quote!

  11. Your pictures are beautiful. Your doggy is really cute. Hope you get some rest tonight!

  12. Fabulous shots of some gorgeous flowers. The Roses/Pansies are so cheerful looking. Toby looks mighty "comfy" on the porch. I too have been planting flowers this week. Seems every time I go to a store I'm buying more plants, I must stop soon as I'm almost out of room to plant anything more.

  13. Your porch looks so inviting and I love the red geraniums. Hope you slept well....

  14. "Summer of sittin' and sippin'"... I love that! Lol!

    That catmint is really pretty, and as always Toby looks so sweet. I always enjoy seeing him and all those pretty flowers that he's surrounded by.


  15. A day late here ... yesterday was my full-to-the-brim day. Just wanted to say I have actually found that using the screen on my back porch adds an interesting texture to photos. I haven't shot through it yet, though. Love all the photos but I love your NFF (new favorite flower).


  16. WOW, Deanna! I am in awe of your images. They are all so beautiful. Your porch is gorgeous, like something out of a magazine.
    I love all the flowers but that last shot is absolutely beautiful!

  17. Such a lovey space you have created in your porch. Great floral images, too. Love the texture on your Photo Art Friday submission.


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