Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just a Tiny Bit of Joy....

Looked out the back door onto the screen porch and saw something flit by....looked again and it was a hummingbird...a hummingbird at the feeder, oh joy!!  I hurried back in the house to grab my camera thinking that by the time I returned he would be long gone, but no....!!!  I managed to get a few shots, but I stood back and ofcourse shot thru the screen (and sometimes the camera focus's on the screen and not on the subject outside of the screen) so they are not the best images but they are a first for me in my back yard.  Oh joy, oh joy!!  Hopefully by later in the summer, I will be ready and get better images, but these will do for now.

Have no idea what kind this is...maybe a female ruby throated??  Anyone?

Did not feel well today, stuck real close to the house but did manage to finish a Kraft Book from Paper Coterie documenting my trip to Galveston.  I have so many wonderful photos from my trip that I wanted to put them in one place, other than my computer.  I have ordered from them before, a Canvas Wrap that is beautiful and a stick-up poster of family pics.  When I say stick-up I mean there is a sticky back that allows you to stick the poster on the wall and then move it and re-stick it again.  Pretty great stuff.  And the image quality is terrific.  They are always having specials, so hop on over and take a look.  (PS I am not paid for saying this, not even a coupon)

A couple of pics from Sunday's Memorial Day celebration.....

Brandon (grandson) and Sam (son-in-law) being silly....

Hilary (Brandon's wife) don't think she thought they were funny....

And two young things not wanting any part of the adult celebration....I think being with THEIR friends would have been much more fun for them...

Look how big Max is getting to be...Toby will not want to play with him anymore....and who buys their dogs their own personal swimming pool??

My daughter who said she would NEVER have a dog....that dog doesn't know how good he's got it...

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and that everyone remembered why we had a 3 day holiday.  (I think not only do I not feel well, I think I am kinda crabby as well...sorry)

Crabby is asking you to please stop by Focusing On Life where I am musing on our sense of sight today.

Until next time...


  1. I love hummingbirds! I tried to have a feeder last year and hung it in a tree but the raccoon and squirrels ruined it!

  2. Hi Deanna,

    I found your blog a few weeks back, and I have really enjoyed your writing. I LOVE Humming Birds. We have a lake home in Wisconsin, and our Hummers are feeding like crazy right now. It's so much fun to catch them with your camera. Your photos are great, even through the screen. Mine are always taken through a not so clean dining room window, so I can relate! I took a few last weekend, and decided to try to put them in to a little video for a change. If you want a peek, you can visit my blog here www.blogsheripetersonsphotos.com.

    And yes, I'm one of those crazy people who bought my dog their very own swimming pool! We usually live at the lake in the summer, but when we adopted our dog Brutus, we knew it was going to be a long time before we could trust him to be on his own off leash. So, he has a kiddie pool in the drive way. The funny thing is, now that we have had him for two years, he will swim in the lake and then come up and lay in his pool. It actually works out pretty good to get the lake water off of him. Much less smelly!

    I hope you are feeling better.

  3. I get excited too when I spot the first hummingbird of the season at the feeder! Then I spend hours sitting quietly in the garden with the camera on a tripod, aimed at the feeder, waiting.
    I know lots of people down here in the oven get swimming pools for their pooches. It's almost a necessity!

    Feel better soon Deanna!


  4. I would've been pretty excited about that hummingbird too! It seems like it's been ages since I've seen one. Hope you feel better soon :)

  5. Deanna, I think you captured these hummingbirds well. I do think it is a female ruby throated. I've had my feeder out for weeks and keep filling it with fresh nectar and they will not come! I even put the feeder by lantana because the garden lady told me they are attracted to that. Boo! Well, I'll just enjoy yours I guess. Sorry you are not feeling well; hope you feel better soon! Love the pics of your family. Treasured moments for sure.

  6. Those pictures of the hummingbird a great I think. Love the pictures of your family. Looks like almost everyone was having a good time. Hope you get to feelin better.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  7. Can't wait to see what you will be able to do photographing a hummingbird!

  8. Oh, joy, I love your hummingbird. I saw one yesterday at a friend's home. Must get a new feeder as they do not like the glass one a friend gave me for Christmas last year. Glad you enjoyed family...even if the teens were tuned out! At least they didn't have ear buds in and eyes on the cell phone

    Hope your health and disposition has improved!

  9. Oh, I'm feeling that hummingbird excitement for you! I probably would have let the neighborhood know with my squeals, much like I did today at finding a new kind of fish in the seaweed!! Whoo Hoo

    So sorry your not feeling well today-sending get well hugs! xo

  10. Oh, and I thought of you today as my daughter and I stopped in to that bakery across from the Mosquito Cafe....yummo!!

  11. I just love to see humming birds, They really do fascinate me. And the photo through your screen look great. Sound like you had a wonderful memorial day weekend. I enjoyed seeing your photos..


  12. You have a beautiful family, Deanna! I hope you are feeliing better today.

  13. I'm turning off my thingy...so if I start getting spam again, I'm going to put in your email address! :)

  14. I *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE your hummer photos (you're right...it's a ruby throated female). I can't wait to see more as the summer unfolds!!! I hope you're feeling better, Deanna!


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