Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crossing off the To-Do-List

One thing I am really, really good at is spending money.  I have started crossing things off of my to-to list but in doing so I have spent money in the process.  I may have mentioned earlier that I am having all three bathrooms stripped of wallpaper and re-painted.  One bathroom is just being re-painted, the vanity, etc stays as is (still in good shape), the 2nd bathroom (tub) is stripping the wall-paper and re-painting with a new vanity top & new faucets and new over-head lighting, new show-curtain and new window curtains.  Today I purchased the new sink top, new hardware, new towel racks, picked up my order from Country Curtains for the shower and window curtains.  Here is the before.....

This wallpaper and curtains have been up since 1989, when we went to England and while in London I had to go to the Laura Ashley store.  I fell in love with this print, bought the wall-paper and yards of fabric and then proceeded to lug them all over England.  Pretty stupid, but I have loved this yellow and blue bathroom for well over 20 years.  The wall-paper is beginning to peel and it is faded in spots, so I definitely need an update.   Will show you the after when it is after...

The 2nd on my list of projects is changing the pretty blue bedroom that became a pretty blue TV room back to a pretty blue bedroom.  When my Mother moved in with us I sold my white iron bed (still sobbing about that sale) and made it a comfortable TV room for her.  Today I went to IKEA and bought another white iron bed, not as pretty as the first one, but it will do.....

You should have seen Marti and me trying and failing to pick this up...thank goodness they have nice young, strong men that work at IKEA to help us crazy ladies.   And thank goodness I have 3 strong young men that live across the street from me to help take this out of Marti's car.  Every time I go to IKEA I see many, many things I would like to buy.  Another trip back is definitely in order.  Now I have to purchase a mattress and receive my special order from Country Curtains where I ordered a new quilt, new shams, new bed skirt and new curtains....oh my you would think I have an endless supply of money.  But I have planned on doing this for quite a while, I just couldn't get movin....Will show you "after" pics when completed.

So while I would get irritated at myself for not moving on these projects, the good news was that I wasn't spending money.  Now that I am movin' the money is movin' too.  If there is anything you need or think you need or have no idea that you may need it....go to IKEA they will fill your every need.  It is like an adult candy store only there isn't any penny candy.

And on another note, I bought this cute little vase at Hobby Lobby,  placed a flower in it last night and when I looked this morning the vase was sitting in a puddle of water.  Ooops a leaking vase, how does that happen??

The lilacs on the side of the garage are in full bloom....they are not the deep purple lilacs but the aroma is outstanding.  I picked a few and brought them in to just enjoy the smell.

Hope your weekend is going well...tomorrow I dog-sit for my daughter's puppy Huskie, Mac.  I wonder how much he has grown since I last saw him about 2 weeks ago.  Toby will be exhausted tomorrow evening after all the romping and playing with his cousin (?)...

"You cannot advance when you concentrate on retreat."  ~  Sue Sikking

Until next time....


  1. Can't wait to see your 'afters'!

  2. You have been having way too much fun in decorating, I have been doing this also with new furniture isn't it fun. Love the lilacs.

  3. I have been on a decor-reprieve for quite awhile now...and have been feeling the urge starting to resurface. Your post might have just pushed me over the edge! :) Can't wait to see your "after" photos!

  4. Deanna, that wallpaper is just gorgeous!!! From the looks of these photos, it is hard to believe it is that old.
    Sounds like you have lots of fun ahead of you!
    Happy Sunday my Friend!

  5. I can not wait to see the after Deanna...I love re-do's!!!

  6. There's a time and season for many things, some just require more money the others, yet as you say, it's within your plans. We don't have any IKEA stores nearby but I can imagine. At least you seem to be able to buy decent value for reasonable outlay at IKEA.

    The Hobby Lobby vase looks delightful but what good is a vase which leaks??? Hope they will replace it for you no worries.


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