Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lash Envy

Have you ever had anyone ask you what is your best feature...facial feature that is?  When I single out each individual feature on my face there isn't a solitary one that I can rave about.  My mouth has no lip line due to a huge outbreak of fever blisters when I was a kid (covered my whole top lip, hundreds...well maybe not hundreds, but there were plenty of those little blisters) leaving their ugly scars which wrecked the lip line.  My nose is too long (in my opinion), my forehead is well, just ugly.  I always have it covered up with hair, resulting in bangs my whole life.  And finally there are the eyes.  Not a bad color, kinda goes between blue and greenish, but sorely lacking in eyelashes.  Rather deep set and as I age the top lid sort of hangs over making me look squinty-eyed in pictures so I always have to remember to open wide, but then that causes more lines to appear on the forehead.  Individually they suck, as a whole I get by.

If someone then asks me what feature would you like to improve on, no hesitation, hands-down, my eyelashes, or absence thereof.  I envy, no I am downright jealous of those that have beautiful long thick lashes.  I know the Bible tells us not to covet thy neighbor's wife, but believe me, if she has long eyelashes I have just broken one of the 10 commandments.  In one of the blogs that I enjoy reading, the author convinced herself that she needed to get false lashes put on for her trip to Hawaii so she would not have to worry about runny mascara etc etc.  She posted a pic of herself with the lashes and yes, they looked great, but in reading the post they are just like nails, to continue to have the long lash look and looking good you need to visit your lash salon about every 2 to 3 weeks for replacements.  I was still considering the investment until I read that "they" highly recommend sleeping on your back, not on your side because in doing so you smush the lashes and they don't last as long....what??  You know my sleeping is iffy anyway, not sleeping on my side would definitely do me in.  So no falsies for me.  But I have invested $22 in a new mascara that I read on someone else's blog (I think it might have been The Pioneer Woman, gotta trust her) that she found a really, really great mascara that really, really did make her lashes look longer and thicker.  I bought it today at Ulta called "They're Real" by Benefit.  So I expect the next time I go out, someone is bound to stop me and tell me what gorgeous eyelashes I have....after all I spent $22.

Yesterday while at B&N for our weekly gab gathering...I boldly asked a young lady (a brand new, very enthusiastic teacher) and two other ladies with their small children if I could take their pictures.  They were so surprised by my request, so before they could even think about saying no, I was snapping away. Was surprised that it was a mother and daughter, thought originally that they were sisters....but anyway..the daughter had the most gorgeous long eyelashes which in-turn inspired this post.



Isn't she a beauty...

On my way home I stopped at my favorite garden center to pick up just a few fill-ins, and ofcourse I had my camera, so snap away I did at all the lovelies.

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"Girls with fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes and fake purses wonder why they can't find a real man."  ~  Unknown

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  1. Boy, Deanna, feature by feature you're a mess! I jest. I need eyebrows and a face lift, an eye lift, a belly lift, and all-over liposuction. It's ---- getting old.

    Your young lady and her mother are beautiful!

  2. You are so funny! Don't we all have our dislikes about our looks? As I get older, I care less and less, though. But please do report back on the They're Real mascara. It was PW who recommended that brand. I've bought make-up that she's touted before and been disappointed. So I'm gonna wait and hear what others say before dropping $22. I bought a tube of Christian Dior because it was raved about and needless to say that was a waste of $30.

    Beautiful flower shots and love the portraits of the mother/daughter/child. So sweet!

  3. Beautiful images, Deanna! Lovely portraits and gorgeous flowers.
    I don't have long eyelashes either but ALL 4 of my children do and they have amazing eyes too!!! (one of the best gifts, my girls say, from their father who deserted them). Have a lovely weekend :)

  4. Oh you are so brave to be snapping photos of strangers! You really have the knack for all kinds of photography! It's so weird - a friend (esthetician) just today was telling me about how great those lashes are - I was thinking hmmmm, they would probably cause my real ones to fall out and I heard they never grow back when you get older :)

  5. Beautiful portraits! And those flowers are so lovely! I have lash envy too. My kids have gorgeous lashes, especially the boys!

  6. I have never thought my lashes were anything to write home about either. Now, my sons? Perfect! My sisters kids all have gorgeous lashes.
    The girls you took pictures of are very beautiful.

  7. gorgeous shots. i love their eyes. windows to the soul. have a great weekend. (:

  8. Wow! I would have thought those two were sisters as well. Gorgeous!

  9. Lol about your ending quote!!!

    Good luck with the mascara...I hope it does what you want it to. :) I miss wearing eye makeup. This is my fifth year with no eyeliner...can't wear it because of my eye disease. Well, I could with one eye...but that might look rather awkward, so I don't. ---I'm sure you'd agree! ;)

  10. Oh, I hear you on this one, Deanna! I had very long and thick eyelashes my whole life and never really appreciated them. Then at a "certain age" they began thinning and I swear I tried every mascara out there -- tried it once or twice and then into a drawer it went. I tried the individualy-glued-in lashes for my son's wedding and all I can say is UGH! They looked like there were spiders sitting on my eyelids! Hated them and ended up pulling them out (along with quite a few of my own lashes). Finally I started using Latisse which you put on before you go to bed at night and it makes your eyelashes grow. It works! Not cheap but when I add up what I was throwing away in unused mascara, worth it. I still need a good mascara and am going to try the Benefit one you mentioned. You will get a kick out of my FOL post next week along this same line!

  11. Oh you crack me up you lovely lady!

  12. You are certainly being too hard on yourself- although I feel the same when I look in the mirror. The only thing- the one feature I like is my lashes. At least I have those. The rest I could do without.

  13. You got me smiling again.. I have a whole list of features I would love to fix.. (BTW - I have had bang all my life also. Due to ugly forehead.) My sister had eyebrows tattooed on.. She said it hurt so bad. So I definitely won't be having that done. I have know some beautiful ladies in my day. But most of the time by the time you really get to know them they are so shallow and that is all they care about. So to me they end up now being so pretty. The most beautiful people I know are down to earth and Don't have to be perfect in every way! But with all that said I still think how to improve now and then.. You know I love your photos..


  14. I would never ask me for make up advice but I really like "Bare Minerals." The wand does not get "goopy"" and it's a hypoallergenic product. That is all I know about mascara.

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