Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Musings

Why do some of the little things in life become bothersome and when remedied you realize that little things do mean alot ?  I was so delighted when the clothing manufacturers decided to stop putting their itchy, scratchy annoying tags on the backs of clothing, especially t-shirts and knit tops.   And what took them so long to realize how much happier it makes the entire population of clothes wearers?  Oh and I forgot about bras...those tags, yuk and now they are gone, gone, gone....send up a mighty cheer.

I began to think about this tag situation this morning getting dressed.  I put on a favorite top, but being a favorite and old it still has the tag attached to the back neckline.  I know I could have cut that out a long time ago, but sometimes when cutting something that you have to be really careful not to cut....I do, ie: cutting tags off of scarves, oops ruined a few of those.  I empathize with those who are walking down the street thinking they are totally put together except that ##@!! tag is seen sticking straight up in the back.  Eventho I have never met this person in my life, I offer to stick it back in, telling her "only your best friends will tell you.." instantly becoming her BFF.  So my hats off, or I should say my tags off to you, Mr Clothes Manufacturer...thank you another job crossed off my to-do list.  I spent the morning in the soon to be pretty blue bedroom again, sorting through all of my Mother's papers....old medical bills, charge account bills, Medicare stuff, bank info, investment stuff.  I discovered more things about my Mom while doing this simple task...she loved to buy greeting cards, birthday, anniversary, get well, thank-you whatever the occasion she was prepared, prepared but never sent.  I now have boxes full of unsent greeting cards waiting to be sent to someone, somewhere.  Mom also had an affinity with eyebrow tweezers.  I must have found at least 10 different pairs.  Wow, it is times like these I wish she were here so I could ask, what's up with the tweezers??  I wonder what my children will find after I am gone that will surprise them?  It was difficult for me to start this project, everytime I began, tears would begin to roll and the thought of clearing out all of her stuff stopped me dead in my tracks.  But somewhere between the tears and the need to turn this room back into what it was meant to be, a bedroom, I gained the strength and courage to make it happen and had a few laughs along the way.

Here are a few snips of the pretty blue bedroom....and yes, it still has wallpaper, and no I am not removing it...!!

And to end this....a funny quote from Phyllis Diller...

"I'm eighteen years behind on my ironing.  There's no use doing it now, it doesn't fit anybody I know"  ~  Phyllis Diller

Until next time......


  1. LOL, Phyllis Diller, what a doozie! Yikes, projects like that are hard, my mom has been going through and doing the same thing lately, (her late husband). I do love your blue bedroom, especially the plates!

    Hugs to you!

  2. I agree about the tags 100% and the ironing 110%! Your 'new' bedroom is coming along nicely . . .

  3. The tones in the blue bedroom are so serene!

  4. Tags are just horrible and I do try to unpick them nice and neatly. Do you have the tags that are usually down the side seam towards the bottom of a garment? they are about 6inches long and just plain stupid. Also the white tags attached to dark clothes which show through....scream!! I like the blue bedroom. x

  5. I just love the blue and yellow together. Love you story board. It looks great!

  6. I wouldn't change that bedroom either. Too many memories. I know how hard that must have been to go through some of her things. (((hug)))


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