Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Will Prevail....

I have done battle today armed with a yellow butterfly shaped fly-swatter and have lost.  I have recently noticed flies enjoying the back screen porch almost as much as I do, maybe even more since they seem to never leave.  When they first starting squatting, that's what I call it since they contribute absolutely nothing to enhancing the charm of a screen porch, I couldn't locate the fly swatter, so I used the next best thing, a wadded up newspaper.  That worked, but didn't seem quite as efficient as a fly swatter.  A stop at the grocery store on Thursday and I broke down and purchased my yellow butterfly shaped fly-swatter for a grand total of $1.49.   It works, and works well, but I seemed to be overwhelmed with the amount of flies now inhabiting the screen porch.  I don't know how, I don't know why they have chosen my sweet, charming, quiet, relaxing back porch to take up residence.  After enjoying lunch on the porch, (ok, they don't hover around the food) I saw that the armies had been gathering again, I counted 9 crawling up the screens and more that lurk under the pull down shades.  So fortifide after another Barbeque Chicken sandwich I grabbed my flyswatter and swat away I did.  As soon as I would kill one, two more would is almost like a freakin' science fiction or horror movie.  I didn't count each kill, but it had to be at least 10 and there are still more.  I cannot figure out where in the hell (I am sure that is where they are coming from) they are getting in.  All screens are intact and there is only the slightest crack on the door, so small that they could not fly in, they would have to crawl in.  It's driving me crazy.  But I will keep at it with my trusty yellow butterfly shaped fly-swatter and one day we will prevail.

Some pretties.....

When in doubt, wear red...linking up to Nancy at A Rural Journal's My Sunday Best

The hydrangeas are allllllmmmmmost here

Looks like this Mr. Robin was doing battle with those same flies and lost as well...not to worry, he had just hopped out of the bird-birth and was not finished drying his feathers....

Love these, they come in such beautiful colors...

My little onion heads are bursting in bloom....

A lamium that survived the winter in a pot in the he's singing his praises by blooming his little heart out.

Those ivy geraniums are just so lovely...

Celebrate your weekend, celebrate with family, celebrate with friends, celebrate you and most especially celebrate paying homage to all our brothers and sisters who have given their life for our freedoms.  God bless America

Until next time.....


  1. All of your beauties are just that. Love Good luck with the house guests.

  2. Yes, God bless the USA!

    Your photos are glorious! The robin photo scared me until I read the caption. lol Hope your annoying, unwanted visitors leave just as suddenly as they appeared. How aggravating!

  3. Dang those flies! They are a pesky bunch.

    Gorgeous captures for this Memorial Day Weekend, Deanna.

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. xoxo

  4. More gorgeous blooms from your garden! I'd love to have a garden like that (my mother's is full of treats but she lives 2000km away!). I love the water logged robin. A beautiful set of images.

  5. UUUHHHGGG Flies!! Aren't they the a royal pain in the rear end? They are not bad here, yet. But will be. Going into fall is the worst for them. Nasty little buggers they are. On the other side- beautiful flowers.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead


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