Friday, July 27, 2012

A Sunny Sunflower Day

My back door is that may not seem like a big deal, but what it really means is that the heat has dissipated (for now anyway) and the humidity has lowered.  And I even snuck in a nap on the back porch this afternoon.  I do believe the heat is returning by Monday, but while it's gone I am relishing in the freshness of an open door with breezes blowing.

This morning, prior to Catherine picking me up to go sunflower hunting and to check out the DuPage County Fair, I sat on the backporch, enjoying my coffee....

About 7:45 AM Catherine and I headed down to Wilmington, IL to find the sunflower fields.  Never knew these existed around here, but after driving awhile (actually a long while) we found them.  Unfortunately they were behind a locked NO TRESPASSING fence and many of them were pretty droopy, which I am sure was due to the lack of rain and all the heat.  We did the best we could behind the fence snapping away and marveling at the fact that there really is a field of sunflowers right here in Illinois.

Heading back, the sky began to clear (it had looked like rain earlier) and off we went to the fair.  Great day to go, not too crowded and seniors (which I am) got in FREE.  There are definitely some advantages to being old...the ticket lady actually asked to see my driver's license which is always a day brightener.  Shortly after arriving I spotted this little girl with her sunflower hat on.  I asked her Mom if I could take her picture and she said..."sure"...what a charmer.

If I had my life to live over again, I just might want to become a child photographer.  I so enjoy capturing the naturalness of children.  It was a good day, filled with sunshine and sunflowers.  More pics of the fair later...rides and food and pigs and cows and goats and day.  Thus the nap on the back porch, I was exhausted.  Hope your day was filled with sunshine....

"Friends feed each other's spirits and dreams and hopes; they feed each other with the things a soul needs to live."  ~  Glen Harrington-Hall

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  1. I do think you missed your calling as a portrait photographer. Really, you could be any kind of photographer, but you do manage to always catch the sparkle in a child's eye. Sounds like a fun day with a friend. Can't beat a day like that! Too bad the trespassing sign kept you away from the sunflowers (for the most part).

  2. Beautifully shot images...sounds like you had a fab day.

  3. You'll just have to plant some sunflowers seeds of your own next spring, Deanna! :)

  4. Now that u know where they are hopefully next year u can capture them again. And maybe the heat won't be so oppressive

  5. You may not have your life to live over but you're not done living yet. Get after those dreams ... you'd be a spectacular child photographer.


  6. You can still be a child photographer because you do a wonderful job!!! Love those photos!


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