Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - July 8, 2012 Edition

Scavenger Hunt fun.  I missed last week, don't remember now why, but I am sure I had a perfectly good explanation.  But I am back this week and ready to get going....and by the way, congratulations once again to Ashley, her husband, and their sweet new little Felicity.  Hope to see you all soon.

This week the challenges are:

  • Patriotic (ofcourse with this being 4th of July week here in the USA)
  • View from above
  • Mosaic
  • Vibrant
  • Something tiny
RED, WHITE and BLUE are the Patriotic colors of the USA...display them with pride!!

View from above....on top of the hill you can see the rows of corn beginning to grow.

Mosaic....a mosiac of some of my favorite floral photos that I am displaying  on a wall in the powder room.

Vibrant....not too much more vibrant at this time of the year than fireworks to brighten our skies.

And finally tiny...A couple of weeks ago a local garden center had their Summer Perennial Fest and among the displays was this Fairy Garden....lots of tiny things in this display.

Since Ashley is still in the "early Mama" stage, Sara Halstead from Naptime Momtog is hosting again this week.  Stop on by and see all the fun.

Until next time.....


  1. Love that vibrant and those pictures will look wonderful in the powder room!

  2. Excellent. Your powder room will be lovely w/all that art!

  3. Hi Deanna,

    Your mosaic of flowers is gorgeous! Love the texture you used behind those white daisies.

  4. What fun shots! I love that little house you used for vibrant!

  5. Your view from above is fantastic and your fireworks amazing!!! Great set.

  6. Hey Deanne, you've got a great set this week...that barn photo is so Americana...and i love it.

  7. Wonderful selections, Deanna! Love the farm scene!

  8. Love all of these! I especially love the collection for your powder room! Simply lovely!

  9. Once again, another successful week scavenger hunting! Except last week, of course. I keep saying I'm going to try this, but have yet to. Looks like fun!

  10. Great set, I really like the Mosaic of flowers and the Fairy Garden. :)
    Have a happy Monday ahead.

  11. What a FABULOUS capture of those fireworks! I have yet to try that. Gonna have to get myself a tripod. Just add it to the list :)

  12. Wonderful set. The Mosaic of your flowers is beautiful.
    Tiny - Looks just like a magical little wonderland.
    Fabulous shot of the Fireworks and what a Fun Patriotic Pinwheel.
    My favorite shot - The View From Above. I love the wavy rows of corn.

  13. Hey Deanne! What a gorgeous set. That mosaic set of flowers will look stunning in your powder room.

  14. Love your cornfield view from above and your patriotic pinwheel . . . very cool.

  15. Deanna, these are wonderful! I love the first one with the pinwheel and the barely visible flags in the background (so creative). And I really like the mosaic of images you chose for your powder room. Very nice! I've been taking a summer break from the hunt, but I miss it so I'm going to start up again. :)

  16. Oh it's so nice Deanna ! I specialy love the fireworks and the lovely fairy house :D

  17. These are great photographs for the prompts, Deanna.
    I especially ove your mosaic. Truly the picture of summer.
    happy Monday to you!

  18. Well, these are all really fabulous but I do love those rows of corn and that mosaic is awesome!


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