Friday, July 6, 2012

And Speaking of Bugs

Have you ever wondered why when you have a computer problem it is commonly referred to as a bug? No, I am sure you probably haven't but I know you have heard the term.  Since my life has been a little boring lately and instead of complaining about the heat, I am going to present a little trivia.  Something I am sure will make your life complete....HA!!  Grace Hopper lead the team that developed the first large-scale computer for the American Navy back in 1945...can you imagine the size of that baby?  And today we have computers that fit inside of a purse.  The word "bug" was coined when after tracing an unexplained problem for days, they finally found the cause to be a 2 inch bug, a moth, that had flown inside and became stuck in the relay system.  From then on, all unexplained computer problems were called "bugs".

And speaking of bugs, or flying things, we already have wasps. They usually don't show up around here until late summer whizzing around getting into your pop can, hovering around garbage cans and becoming a down-right menace.  But since they didn't usually appear until late summer we only had to put up with them a short while before the cool evenings of early fall would send them wherever wasps go to in the fall.  What is going on??  Bees don't bother me, I know they are quite necessary for pollination but what the heck are wasps good for other than to sting and give you lots of pain.  If anyone can give me a good reason for wasps maybe I might change my mind on their worth.

My garden is sad, if we don't get rain soon, it will be even sadder.  But this little cone flower (they seem to do just fine in the heat) looked like it was wearing a dancing skirt ready for twirling.

And this pretty much sums it up for us around the's hot and sittin' and sippin' under a fan is the best way to beat the heat.

As hard as I looked I could not come up with a single quote on no quote this time.  Just advice...stay cool.

Until next time......


  1. Awesome shots, Deanna! Love the close up of the wasp!

  2. lovely shots. the wasp is such a keeper. i love the bug story ... something i did not know. thanks, for a great lesson. i wonder if i will be the only one? ha. ha!! (:

  3. Ha, what a neat piece of trivia about computer bugs. I can always come here and learn something fun. I love all your shots, but the one of the old fan has my heart. The bokeh is divine in that one. Hope the wasps don't stick around too long. Stay cool!

  4. Lmao. U r a hoot! I want that fan!!!! Totally inoce with it. I'll have to google what a wasp is good for- cause I sure don't know. Can't even imagine a reason foo enough too! Stay cool!

  5. fitting for this post to be about computer bugs since my computer just died from one! Saturday over was so sad, but it led to a really *really* happy shopping trip. Now I have a laptop so I can stay connected without being chained to my desk. :::happy sigh::: No more bug problems for me. Thanks for sharing the trivia...I had no idea that's where the term came from. I feel smarter now. :)

  6. I guess I have missed some of your posts! Sure didn't know that about computer bugs, but I do know that wasps ARE beneficial. They actually are a natural control to pesky insects and feed them to their young that are still developing in the nest. And they use some insects as a host for their eggs, yes gross! I have several wasp nests that I just leave alone and as long as I'm not bothering them, they aren't bothering me. Free pest control! haha


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