Saturday, August 11, 2012

The August Break - August 11th A Late Bloomer

I kinda identify with this beautiful flower.  I don't know what it is, but it is currently blooming in my neighbor's front yard.  It rises up alone, no leaves, just a stalk with pretty lily like flowers on top.  Rather a late bloomer considering all other flowers except for the fall mums and asters have pretty much finished blooming.  Oh there are still some black-eyed susans and heliopsis (I like that word, it just rolls of your tongue nicely) blooming and will for awhile, but this lily-like blossom so reminds me of those early blooming lilies that we might associate with early spring and Easter.

Why do I identify with this flower?....well, I consider myself a kinda of a late bloomer and since my sweetie is no longer living at home I am standing tall on a lone stalk.  We are beginning our 2nd year with my sweetie living in a Memory Care Facility while I am still at the home we shared together for over 30 years.  I am alone, but I am not lonely.  I find plenty to do to fill my days whether it is with friends or by myself.  A late bloomer because I found a passion late in life that has filled my days with joy, photography.  My day is not complete unless I take a photograph or two or three or.....

Do you identify with a flower?  I would love to hear what your favorites are.

"Know what you love and do what you love.  If you don't do what you love, you're just wasting your time."  ~  Billy Joel

Until next time.....


  1. Such a fab photo! For a late bloomer, you do it in style. x

  2. Hi Deanna
    I was forwarded your post from someone who follows my blog. I am so glad she sent me to you. I loved your post about the "surprise lily" and how it relates to your life. I am so pleased that you are pursuing your passion in photography. Your story is ideal for my blog. I would love to introduce you as a creative "late bloomer". Please visit my site and hopefully say yes to my offer. You can email me at and I can send you more details.

  3. What a perfect analogy of your life! Love it. I picked up photography later in life as well and don't know how I'd get through some days without it. I share your joy and passion and wish you many more blessings in your new journey. You certainly are an inspiration to many in blogland and I'm sure elsewhere!

  4. I found your blog after seeing the same stalk like flower recently and am trying to figure out what flower it is! Well after some more googling, I think I found it! They are sometimes called surprise lily, magic lily, and resurrection lily or even naked ladies. Any of which could be an analogy of so many people;)

  5. Beautiful image of what looks like an Amarylis to me. They are such neat flowers rising with a cluster of flowers on one stalk like this so I'm pretty sure. A bulb plant and I believe in the Lily family.

    Lovely blog my friend. Have a a lovely week!!
    Cheers, Joy


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