Thursday, August 2, 2012

Angels Come With Trimmers

Have you seen an angel lately?  Do you know what they look like?  Well I have one that came with an electric trimmer, clippers, work gloves and a rake.  My angel decided after trying to make her way through the over-grown bushes along my front walk that something definitely needed to be done.  A quick e-mail asking me if she could come and trim my bushes was a wonderful surprise.  How many women/angels say they really "enjoy" trimming bushes and it would be her pleasure to take care of mine?  After tackling the remodeling projects in my home and realizing this woman (me) just can't do it all, I decided to say yes.  Now, 6 months ago, or last year, or 2 years ago when friends would offer to help me I would always reply, "no thank you, I can handle it."  But now I know that there are angels placed here on earth to help and today she came with trimmers, clippers, work gloves and a rake.  Thank you, my angel, I have been blessed.

"All God's angels come to us disguised."  ~  James Russell Lowell

Until next time....


  1. bless her, something tells me she was thrilled to help!!

    giving and receiving, both wonderful gifts!!

  2. What a wonderful thing for her to do. Indeed she is an angel.

  3. God did send you an angel! My mother would hate to take any help offered to her. I'm the same way, but I used to tell her that she was preventing someone from doing a good deed that might make the other person feel good. I think towards the end she was starting to grasp the concept. I often wish I could do more to help others, but I'm usually met with a refusal when I try. Usually. It makes me sad because I would love to help. Deanna, you blessed this neighbor by letting her help you.

  4. oh my.... this is such a wonderful reminder.... so true.... why do we have such a time accepting help? for me, my first instinct seems to be, no it's okay I'm fine.... but recently I've been realizing exactly this! thank you, thank you for this reminder..... and an angel is right.... I love your friend!! a truly beautiful deed...



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