Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pieces of Me - Day 3

Oh's Scavenger Hunt items are (1) front door and (2) kitchen faucet.  Wouldn't you know it's the kitchen faucet after I just put in 3 brand-new faucets in my bathrooms.  Oh well, maybe it's time to get a new kitchen faucet too.  Ooops no can do, have officially run out of money.

OK now how many times have you taken a picture of your kitchen faucet??  Looking at this closely it definitely could use a little clean-up around the ridges.  Should have done that before I took the picture.  Oh well.....

Next the front door....

Just kidding...did I have you there for a minute...did you go "oh my"?  Actually got this off of pinterest, love beautiful old doors and windows, but this is definitely not my front door.  Here is mine....

Or at least a snippet of it anyway.  Actually this is inside looking out and it is the "storm" door, not the real front door.  But it's prettier than my front door so this is what I am showing.  Plus I love all that pretty bokeh in the background.

Today's newspaper had some interesting news....did you know that "50 Shades of Grey" has saved B&N from going bankrupt??  Well, I don't know if it is the primary reason, but according to the newspaper the sales of this book has brought their profits way up.  So I guess this novel has brought delight to not only a gazillion women but also to the CFO of B&N.  Maybe if they changed the name of the book to "The Book That Saved B&N" I might consider reading it but as of today I have not.

And just because this is all about "pieces of me" I am posting pics of Bathroom #2 that is finally finished.  In this bathroom, the wallpaper was stripped and the walls were painted.  New bathroom sink & faucet installed, new curtains & shower-curtain, new overhead light fixture, new blinds, new toilet seat cover, and new "stuff".  It is very difficult to find "gold" stuff these days.  Everything is now burnished bronze or brushed nickel or shiny silver, not so much gold.  But if I wait long enough, gold will return.

So that's it for day #3 in this Pieces of Me Scavenger Hunt Week at Beyond Layers.  Been kinda fun. See you tomorrow for day #4.

"Boredom arises from routine.  Joy, wonder, rapture, arise from surprise."  ~ Leo Buscaglia

Until next time.....


  1. Your front door is so inviting and such a cheery bathroom (reminds me, I need to paint our downstairs bathroom - ugh!).

  2. Your bathroom looks so beautiful and sunny, I'm sure that will make you happy every morning! :-)

  3. You have such a cozy and sunny bathroom, Deanna! Love how you decorate it! :)
    What a sweet quote, too! :D

  4. I've never taken a picture of my kitchen faucet, but maybe I should. I have a new one out of necessity!
    Just love your bathroom, Deanna.
    It's so bright and cheerful.

    P.S. Yup, you did have me going with the door! :-)

  5. Kudos on all your redecorating! Yellow makes me happy so you know I love it. And your kitchen sink faucet is perfectly lovely. I actually got a tiny (very tiny) bit embarrassed as I was shooting my mailbox and my neighbor came up behind me walking her dog. She was too polite to ask what I was doing!


  6. You are a proverbial Martha Stewart! Your bathroom looks so warm and welcoming!

  7. Your "front door" photo looks inviting, must be pleasant from inside and out.

  8. I want that front door!! Gorgeous!

  9. I love the bathroom! So cheery!

  10. LOL
    You had me going there with the front door! I sighed! :-)
    Hey, my kitchen faucet is very similar ... thanks for reminding me to clean it! :-)

  11. I'm sill loving your scavenger hunt finds!

  12. Okay you "almost" fooled me with the door shot but I had a sneaky suspicion that wasn't really your front door.
    I do love the actual shot of your front door and yes it does have lovely bokeh.
    Such a cheery bathroom. I really like the colors.

  13. I enjoyed scrolling through your "pieces", Deanna! Your photographic perspective is refreshing! The faucet in my last home looked a lot like yours... mine needed cleaning, too! Have a wonder-filled day!

  14. I like your real door much better than the 'pinned' one. And, the faucet is quite nice.
    Love your redecorating. It looks sunny and welcoming. Doesn't it feel good to have everything feeling brand new?

  15. I have not read Shades of Grey yet. I don't really know if I will. I hear so many mixed felling about the book.. Some of my friends loved it. Some couldn't even finish it.. They said the writing was bad. But I definitely believe it helped B&N. I went to buy it there for my sisters birthday and they were sold out of it.. I couldn't believe. it.. LOVE your photos, Very creative the way you did your front door. I love it.


    I also wanted to say that your bathroom looks great. I just LOVE the painting of the girl..

  16. Oh I love the little glimpses into your life! I just couldn't get around to participating in this series - but it would have been fun. I love your front door and the bokeh - delish!


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