Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brunch on the Porch

My good buddy Marti, had a brilliant idea a few weeks ago.  She thought it would be a great idea if we ended the summer with a brunch on the porch.  The good news was...she would do all the cooking, all I had to do was provide the spot.  OK...I can do that.  As it turned out, she had help with the food, many stepped forward and volunteered to bring food, but I don't remember anyone stepping forward and volunteering to come over and clean my house prior to the brunch....just kidding.  I love having people over and I would have cooked all the food too, but it sure was nice just providing the dishes, coffee and tea.  I hope she comes up with a good idea like this again.

I decided that since the ladies were to be on the porch I would make that banner for the porch that I have been thinking about all summer.  I have fallen in love with banners...on pinterest I have a board specifically for "banner love".  Last summer I was in love with pinwheels, this summer it's banners.  So ta is the back porch banner.

It is made out of double sided scrapbook paper, the letters are chipboard (painted), the line is baker's twine and each banner is attached with those little tiny clothespins.  I added a button on a couple of the letters along with the green trim at the top of each banner.

When I knew that I would be having 10-12 women over for brunch I decided to order those cute little milk bottles and paper straws that I have seen on other blogs.  Too cute. Now do I need 12 cute little milk bottles and paper straws??  Well, you know the answer to that one, but oh the juice tasted so much better in these little bottles.

The girls arrived and the fun began....

Two ladies came late and another one does not like her picture taken...but these are the ladies I was able to snap a pics of.  Dear, dear women they are...loving and kind, each and everyone.  I have been blessed with my friends.  I don't know how I could have gone through my life without my friends.

There was wonderful food, fruits and muffins and crescent roll-ups, and quiche (2 kinds) and a  potato casserole, coffee and tea, and ofcourse orange juice in the milk bottles.  And you see those cute little signs...another "thing" I bought for the occasion...tiny blackboard signs with clothespins on the back to label the food.  I found a "fine-point" chalkboard pen at "Paper Source" that washes right off just like a black-board, so these can be used over and over!!  Cute huh?

And finally, Marcia, who came just a tad late brought me a bouquet of flowers (uhh I guess I should have given 1/2 to Marti...sorry, Marti).  In the bouquet were these tiny roses.  I removed them from the big bouquet and added them to their own mason jar vase.  So pretty with the blue and pink.  Thanks, Marcia.

Before she left, I gave Marti a disc with pictures of her granddaughter that I took last Friday....she was thrilled...and here is a couple of my favorites of the group.

So that was my day....just about next to perfect, including the weather.  How was your day?... grand, I hope.

"In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends."  ~  J. Churton Collins

Until next time.....


  1. Oh my, love, love the straws and the bottles (of course it tasted better), and oh those little chalkboards!! The two of you make a great brunch pair...and great photos of that little cutie!

  2. Oh the energy that comes with being surrounded by women who love one another. Those faces are priceless. I have a terrible time bringing myself to take out the camera among my friends for fear they will hate me--but I love them! Of course I want their pictures! So good for you. I hope you share this post with them. They will love it, and feel loved. :-)

  3. Oh does this ever look THE PLACE to be! That banner is adorable and those glass bottles and paper straws are to die for!!! Loved this post.

  4. Oh how much fun that must have been...a great way to say goodbye to summer. How very creative you were!! Loved everything about your day with friends. I agree....I don't know where I would be without my friends...oh yes I do...probably still stuck in the pit trying to claw my way out ;) Love the milk bottles!

  5. Food, friends and fun...that looks like a great day! I love your special little touches. The banner and milk bottles are so cute. So is that little girl! Just look at those little wispy curls. xo

  6. I bet your porch is beautiful. Glad you had a fun time!

  7. You certainly know how to entertain! I love those mini chalkboards and your banner! Looks like a very festive day. You are indeed blessed.

  8. It sounds like a wonderful day. Your photos are fantastic, and I love your banner, I´ve been planning to make one for my terrace. You certainly have been blessed with your friends

  9. Looks like a great day.
    Love your banner...and those little bottles and straws are perfect.

  10. Broken record: your photography is stunning! :) Love your banner!


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