Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10th - The August Break - Flowers on the Porch

Wow, I really did take an August break yesterday....I didn't even post.  But I was busy with photos...busy editing, gathering and having fun with all the images I took at last Saturday's Family Reunion Photo Shoot. What a great time and a great family.  They made my first "official" shoot a truly wonderful experience.

And today I am back again, finishing up the editing so I can present this fine family with some really fine photos of their wonderful day.  But....before I get back to business, I wanted to post one little pic.  Yesterday we had a cool front move thru and today is glorious with the sun shining and temps in the 70's....yes the 70's.  I wandered around the back-yard and clipped a couple of flowers to sit on the back porch while I enjoy this marvelous weather.
God is good!! see just a little more of me, please hop over to my collaborative blog, Focusing On Life, where I am musing on "taking a ride in the country".

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"Each of my days are miracles.  I won't waste my day; I won't throw away a miracle."  
     ~  Kelly Vicstrom

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  1. Beautiful! Those bottles are so perfect! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Those bottles are wonderfull! And I love the way you filled just one of them :) Perfect setting.

  3. I love those bottles, and yeah!, I'm glad your "shoot" went well!!

  4. What kind of organization/storage system do you use for all your photos??? I'm at my wits end with the thousands that seem to increase every other day or so.

  5. Fall is just around the corner!! Cannot wait. Yesterday we received a deluge and the temp dropped to 75. Ahhhhh!!! More rain today and it's 76. I know it won't stay for long. We have a couple more months of heat left.

    Love that shot of the flowers. Sweet vase.

    How exciting that you had an official shoot! That's awesome and I know the family is going to be pleased with the results.

  6. Wow that is beautiful!! Love it.


  7. Congrats on a successful first shoot! Such a sweet idea with the little posy and the red bottles.

  8. The flowers are so sweet and I just love that bottle vase. That's a new one for me... whereever did you find it?

  9. Great photo and LOVE the sentiment!

  10. How pretty. I just love your bottle vase, so cute.


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