Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Daily Almanac

Every morning (or at least most mornings) I read the morning newspaper and drink my coffee.  To me that is the perfect way to ease into the day.  I'll admit that some mornings I will have a destination I must get to and I don't have time for my morning ritual, and on those mornings I feel a little cheated.  Oh I know many of you, probably most of you, don't have a morning newspaper delivered to your door, you find your news on-line, but there are just some things you usually don't find on line....the Daily Almanac.  A sprinkling of happenings in history on today's date.  Little tidbits of information that you could most definitely live without, but that I find quite interesting.  On today's date

  • In 1609 Henry Hudson discovered the Delaware Bay - my gosh that was a long time ago.
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born saint (and we have very few since her) was born. I think the US has only 7 Saints out of the 10,000 world-wide.  
  • In 1922 a radio station in New York City aired the first radio commercial, a 10 minute ad for a real estate company.  The station charged $100 for that ad and now I pay Sirius Radio to NOT have commercials while listening to the radio.  
  • Donald O'Connor (one of my favorite song and dance man, you remember him, Debbie Reynolds & Gene Kelly dancing together in "Singing in the Rain" ) was born in Chicago in 1925.  (I sure wish we had good fun-filled musical comedies again on the big screen)
  • In 1996 the 15 year troubled filled marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana ended officially.  (see it's not always great to marry a Prince)
  • In 2005 the monster storm Hurricane Katrina headed for New Orleans, a storm that wrecked devastation in both destruction and the handling of the whole situation.  
  • And in 2008 Barack Obama became the first African-American to receive the Democratic party's nomination for president of the US.  And it's that time again.  The next few months should be mighty interesting.  
So those are just a few of the tidbits of info you probably don't read but I find it interesting to read what happened today in year's gone by.  Wonder what piece of history today will bring.

Linking to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday....thanks Kim for sharing your talents.  You are a saint.

"If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today."  ~  Lou Holtz

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  1. I really like that cup, saw it the first time you posted and said to myself that is a pretty one. I was just talking to my sister the other morning in VA and she asked what I was doing and I told her I was having my coffee. She said she had just finished her second cup and was always sorry to see it go. I feel the same, best part of the day, computer and my coffee in the morning no newpaper though. I am not smart enough for the crossword puzzle. :)

  2. You know, I never did get the newspaper even when that was our main source besides TV. Never liked getting ink on my hands or picking up soggy papers from the morning dew. If I want to know what's going on now, I got straight to Twitter. I swear they have the most up to date news than anywhere! Thanks for the tidbits, though! I didn't know the U.S. had so few saints, but I don't doubt it one bit. Hope you have a great day. Love your coffee mug!!

  3. Oh I don't get the newspaper, it's a budget thing . . . I do miss those little tidbits though. And yes, Isaac will be hitting on the anniversay of Katrina - go figure. It's also a big storm, and that's why I'm heading to the beach today for a bit...I may not be able to go after today til the weekend since we could see some effects of the storm here. Happy Tuesday! xo Fabulous photo!

  4. I have that same routine. And, like you, I feel cheated when I have to miss it.
    I like holding that paper in my hands, and reading things you just don't get online. And, the crossword puzzle.

    Your mug is beautiful. You have such lovely ones. They must add to your morning joy, too.

  5. Wonderful photo and texturing! Very interesting bits of history, too.

  6. Interesting tidbits. Your shots of cups have me looking for interesting cups when I'm out and about. Unfortunately, there is few if any places in my town to look, except at play-it-again-Sam stores.

  7. You and I start our mornings just alike. And I'm always a bit off if it's starts out differently

  8. So great to start your morning like that, and you have a great cup! Would help get anyone ready for the day!

  9. Hi Deanna,
    Wonderful tidbits of information. Thanks for the memories! I love your coffee mug.

  10. I used to sit and drink my coffee and just think, now I drink it at the computer and hardly notice what I'm doing :( lovely photo!

  11. What a beautiful mug! Hubby and I love crossword puzzles too. :)
    Thanks for the tidbits. Enjoy your day!

  12. Deanna, I love those tidbits of news you shared! Living only 5 minutes from the Hudson River, I liked the Henry Hudson tidbit, and I am a parishioner at the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church near my home. Your mug is to die for also.

  13. Deanna, I love those tidbits of news you shared! Living only 5 minutes from the Hudson River, I liked the Henry Hudson tidbit, and I am a parishioner at the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church near my home. Your mug is to die for also.

  14. i love this vignette. what a fun way to use textures! my favorite weekend activity is to sit with my hubby on the side porch and read the paper with my big mug of coffee. such a simple blessing. thanks for the reminder. :)

  15. And if I didn't get the paper what would I do some of my crafts on. Or with. I do enjoy reading the paper.. And I love my coffee.



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