Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Sunday Best

Today was a beautiful, beautiful day.  The kind of day you look back on and say, "remember how beautiful Sunday was, I wish we had more days like that."  Temps in the 70's, sunny skies, big puffy clouds, wow....just about perfect.  And because it was such a lovely day, I decided I definitely needed to go to the Arboretum and view the lovelies there.  And I wasn't disappointed.

A monarch was flying around this garden planted in all bright yellows and oranges and he was just lovin' it.  I was lovin' it too...I think I snapped about 50 shots of him going from flower to flower.

Linking this to Nancy's "My Sunday Best" because I definitely think this is my best since I have hardly seen any butterflies this summer.

I am not sure what this flower is but it just shines in the sun and some of it's petals look like little stars...

Linking this to Mandarin Orange Monday...a new linky spot.


And there were fields of wild daisies just enjoying their time in the sun....

I hope your Sunday was as pleasant as mine was.  Have a good week ahead, stay healthy and happy.

"Any place that we love becomes our world."  ~  Oscar Wilde

Until next time....


  1. These are gorgeous! Beautiful colour and i love the detail in the butterfly one. You might like to contribute to Mandarin Orange Monday too:)

  2. Glad your day was lovely. Mine was too but I didn't make lemonade like you did!

  3. Your Monarch pic is gorgeous! We get them here in the winter and it's so much fun to take pics of them . . .

  4. Sounds heavenly. Your photos looks so pretty. That butterfly is photo is gorgeous. I spent my Day doing yard work.. Which I love to do except that it was over 100 degrees out. But after I was done the yard looks so pretty and I was so happy.. But I sure do wish fall weather would get here soon..


  5. Gorgeous shots. We had open garden yesterday here in Finland and it was so wonderful to see other peoples garden, have new ideas and gorgeous flowers.
    Have a great week.

  6. You made the most of a lovely day -- I need to do that more. I get caught up in "stuff" usually.

    Thank you so much for sharing your art at Your Sunday Best, Deanna. I very much appreciate it. xo

  7. I have only had one or two this year in my gardens. Love the photos of yours!! Can't wait for cooler days...although we have had some very nice breezes lately.

  8. Wow! I love these photos...the butterfly is amazing!

  9. That flower is so unusual and pretty! Love the butterfly and the field of daisies. Unfortunately, my Sunday was spent in bed all day and most of today. Guess I had some 24-hour thing. Hope it's over, but I'm still feeling weak. Looking forward to those 70 degree temps and white fluffy clouds. Come on Fall!

  10. Gorgeous! Hopping by from Mandarin Orange Monday.

    Here is my Orange entry, your comment will be greatly appreciated.

  11. What a gorgeous way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Those flowers are so pretty with the little star like feature

  12. Beautiful lighting on that last shot! oh, and that butterfly - gorgeousness! plus an added little wasp? in it!

  13. In your first shot (so beautifully captured!!), I think that's a milkweed (or what my wife calls a butterfly plant)... the monarchs love them and lay their eggs on them.

  14. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work on Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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