Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saying Yes

2012 has now come to a close and 2013 is open to new adventures, I am going to learn to say Yes more often. This is my word for 2013.  Saying no places a roadblock to growth, saying yes is an invitation to at least try.  

  • Yes!  for eating healthier and staying away from sweets (well not all sweets, but less)
  • Yes!  to education, either on-line or a physical campus
  • Yes!  to contacting old friends that I haven't seen in awhile
  • Yes!  to exercising (oh good Lord, I have to, even taking a walk is better than nothing)
  • Yes!  to continuing my photography growth 
  • Yes!  to a 365
  • Yes!  to a trip abroad (I am bound and determined to get across that big pond and visit a foreign country)
  • Yes!  to organization (No details here, the list is far too long)
  • Yes!  to walking in the Alzheimer's Walk and raising as much money as I can for continued research to conquer this horrible disease.
  • Yes!   to saying yes to opportunities that may come my way. 
  • Yes!  to volunteering, it does wonders for my heart & soul.
  • Yes!  to praying more and worrying less.

I did take a walk (one of the "yes's" on my list) this afternoon with Toby by my side and camera in hand. The sun was shining and very little wind but the temps were cold and still no snow (drats!).   After the two of us wandered for awhile, me taking pictures and Toby exploring I looked at Toby and realized he had picked up a burr on his little face and had tangled itself so tight that it had totally covered his eye.  With that, we came home to remove the nasty burr.  No pulling would loosen it, so I had to retrieve the scissors and cut. Thank goodness, Toby is a good & patient dog.  After several snips, the burr was finally gone, albeit a lot less facial hair fur on Toby's head, but thank God no damage to the eye.  

Day #1 of my 365....

Enjoying the walk before the burr....

And last, thank you, thank you, thank you....for being a part of my little piece of blog land.  I so appreciate your visits, your comments....you keep me going and inspired.  Thank you for a wonderful 2012 and I so look forward to a brilliant 2013.

And to continue with "Live and Learn & Pass It On"

"I've learned that maybe someday I'll be as perfect as I say I am when I fill out a job application."  ~  Age 20

"I've learned that child-proof bottles of medicine are sometimes adult-proof too."  ~  Age 55  

"I've learned that the worst thing in life to be without is love, but toilet paper comes in a close second."  ~  Age 59

"I've learned that you have to reach for the stars.  They're not just gonna land on your front porch."  ~  Age 15

Until next time....


  1. 1 down; 364 to go! :)

    i like the last 'yes' in your list. i need that one, too. :)

    poor pup w/ the bur! glad you got it out.

  2. i love the quotes you picked ... the TP one is too hilarious!! still laughing. i wish you well with your wants for this year ... you have a big list but i know it will be an easy one for you if you put your foot out & just go ... about the worrying thing ... it worked for me to put down my foot & say NO MORE WORRYING. when you start to worry say NO & start again. over & over. it makes nothing better only more rough. ha. ha!! keep this list & keep looking back at it for review. fly by your seat of your pants ... go for it!! ( :

  3. Looks like you are on your way to saying Yes, good luck on your 365.

  4. Yes it the perfect word! Mine is "choose".

  5. Happy New Year, Deanna! I love your new year banner, beautiful! Love your word, too. Still thinking on mine, a few ideas but nothing that "sings" yet. Love visiting you every day! :-D

  6. Love the new photos on your header, and such a great word for the new year. If you need company to go to europe, i am hoping to plan and individual trip to Italy and have been looking for company, someone who loves photography and I would not drive crazy with my camera..... Happy new year.

  7. Yes!. I agree. The word needs to be Yes. You are an inspiration to me and I always look forward to your posts and photos.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  8. I haven't known you for that long, Deanna - but you seem like a YES! kind of gal. Good Luck!

  9. Love the Goethe quote. We're saying yes to a lot of the same things this year. I'm scheduled for an exercise workshop next week for women who need a little help getting back into exercise. We'll cheer each other on our healthy path!

  10. Pretty smart 15 yr old! Amen to the TP! =)

  11. Thank you sincerely for your prayers for Bob & his family.

  12. Beautiful images. Looks like a great walk apart from the burr. Good Luck with all your 2013 goals.

  13. What an uplifting and inspirational post. You go, Girl. I think that 2013 is gonna be wonderful for a bunch of us.

  14. Love your YES image! You have an admirable list!

  15. Love your word, so positive and kind! Happy New Year!

  16. I like your *YES* for 2013, Deanna. :) Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  17. This is a great word, Deanna! And I love all the reasons you listed for choosing it. These are all doable and I have faith that you will accomplish each YES on your list! Hugs!!!

  18. You are off to a great start Deanna!! Have fun with all your yeses!!

  19. What a great word! I enjoyed reading your post and wish you the very best this New Year.
    Gorgeous photo's and that heart ornament is so pretty.

  20. What a great word, Deanna, and this is such a wonderful post.
    One that I for sure, can identify with.

    Happy New Year, my Friend.


  21. Yes to more images! Looks like it'll be a banter year!

  22. Best word you could have chosen!

  23. Great word I love it and love your quotes, it's all about personal growth isn't I feel this in my heart. i am a bit of an introvert and I find it hard to join anything but when I do I really enjoy it....

  24. What a wonderful word. Such a happy and positive word. I love it. I have to agree with Hootnonny YES to more images. I am looking forward to a another year of your wonderful images... Wishing you all the best that 2013 can bring you!


  25. Happy 2013 Deanna! Wonderful post to kick off the New Year; YES! You have a great outlook on life and what you want achieve. Your list is simple and will make a positive impact on many. I can't wait to follow along on your adventures.

    "I've learned that the worst thing in life to be without is love, but toilet paper comes in a close second." ~ Age 59

  26. I love your word and the path you want your life to take over the next year. I want to do a 365 too...since today's the third and I haven't taken any photos, I guess it would be a 362 though ;)

  27. I love how you captured your word!!! It is always inspiring to visit you!!! Keep saying Yes!!


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