Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Foto Fun

Today, Catherine (my photo buddy) and I started out with great hopes of this being a great photo day.  The weather was promising, the skies were almost clear, we had the whole day ahead of us.  Georgia (my GPS) was primed and ready.  The day unfortunately began as kinda of a bust.  Well, it was mostly my fault, it was my week to choose the adventure, but I couldn't seem to come up with anything photo worthy, so Catherine suggested we head toward Oswego, roam awhile, and then have lunch at a charming restaurant in the country called Emerson Creek. 

So heading west we drove with our eyes peeled looking for adventures, nothing.  We got so desperate we started looking at garage sales.  Stopped at one, Catherine spent $2.00 on a toy for her dog Rumford. We headed west again traveling down who knows what road, we passed a tiny cemetery right next to the road.  We stopped, unlatched the gate and entered a sad, sad little piece of land.  There were 10 or more headstones, all had toppled over and almost impossible to read what had been etched on the stone.  They all appeared to be from the 1800's, both men and women.  By the time I walked back thru the gate, tears were rolling down my cheeks.  The sadness I felt was due to the lack of care given to these markers of one's life.  Maybe all of the living family members had moved away, maybe there were no living family members....I don't know, but as I walked around this small plot of land with these headstones that were in disarray I began to grieve for this forgotten piece of land.  May God have mercy on their souls. 


After I composed myself and wiped the tears away, back on the road again we spotted a "plants for sale" sign. I love to buy plants from local growers....they are proven to grow in our rotten, clay soil, survive our horrific winters, our iffy springs, and our hot, humid summers.  (wow, why do I live here?? sounds like a terrible place to live??)  We drove up to a lovely yard overflowing with iris', hostas, ferns, bleeding hearts, peonies, all in glorious bloom.  Needless to say, this stop left a smile on my face instead of tears in my eyes. After purchasing a lovely ostrich fern, we headed toward the restaurant. 

I ordered a salad and the ham & asparagus crepes.  Oh yum, yum....the salad was full of fresh strawberries, mandarian oranges, a good helping of slivered almonds (I love nuts on food!!) and a dreamy dressing.   Dessert was a little pastry pocket filled with dark chocolate granache, topped with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.  Have I made you hungry yet??  I definitely left here with a smile on my face and feeling completely satisfied.  

We stopped at one more interesting spot, but I think I'll reveal that another day. 

Beginning the day with no plans, stopping at a cemetery that made me sad, enjoying a lovely garden, eating an absolutely delicious lunch all resulted in finding joy in the day. 

Until next time......

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