Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tuesday in May

Now I don't know about you but I love cuties, and cuties are not just for kids.  They are sweet, easy to peel and NO seeds.  And  I sure do like the voice of that little girl who does the cutie commercials, heck for all we know she may be a 30 year old with a really high pitched voice....but, I diverse.  I bought these at the grocery store last night and as I was complaining about the price of raspberries $5.29 (gasp) for one of those little tiny cartons and there is usually at least 1 or 2 that are rotten at the bottom, I noticed the cuties.  They were reasonable, $3.29 for a small bag, but my oh my they were so small, about the size of golf balls.  Can you tell by the picture??  The bowl is a rather small bowl, something you would put ice cream in, wait no, that is too small for ice cream, maybe cereal.  And the grocery man told me it was the last batch of the season, no more til next season.  Sad, because I do love cuties, how about you? 

Today was cleaning lady day.  Now the 1st question is, why do I need a cleaning lady when I am retired with few obligations?   If you have a cleaning lady you know the answer to that, but for those who don't, I can NEVER clean my entire house in 1 day, it was always the upstairs one day, the downstairs another.  And more times than not, I never got around to finishing the entire house in 2 days, 3 days, 4 days or more.  Something about having your whole house clean in a morning that is bliss to me.  And the 2nd question is do you "clean-up" for your cleaning lady?  Now there is a BIG difference between cleaning and clean-up.  That seems to be a standing joke among husbands..."why do you need a cleaning lady when you clean-up before she even arrives?"  Well heavens, how could the cleaning lady clean your bathroom with all your stuff still on the sink, or the kitchen with the the junk mail still on the counter-top?  You know what I mean, there is a huge difference between cleaning and clean-up.  One doesn't happen without the other. 

Isn't this gorgeous?  While the cleaning lady was still cleaning, we went to "The Growing Place" our local garden center, far too close to our house, not more than a 5 minute drive, to wander and look around.  Oh my it was amazing, the colors, the aromas, the excitement, the lushness of all the new flowers & plants.  I had already decided that I wanted red gernaniums for the front porch.  We have a red front door and red geraniums seemed an obvious choice.  But this is the 1st time in several years I have had red on the front porch, don't ask why.  I think I go to the garden center or to Home Depot or wherever, and something strikes my eye and their goes the red idea.  But today I fell in love with these lush, deep-red trailing geraniums.  I splurged and bought 2, one for each of my 2 white pots.  More pictures coming later. 

Well, it's time for Dancing with the Stars, so bye for now.  They are all good, I don't even have a fav at this point.  


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  1. ok :) Ralph went home and I spose if someone had to he needed to.

    I love Kirsties wit and Love Hines (probably cuz he cried so sincerely over his partners owie)

    I took at look at your favorite TV shows and GF we watch the same stuff. Except the Camelot one (I am over the top for stuff like this what channel??)

    The Good Wife... oh my summer will be long with out knowing what happens here.

    Your red and green flower is wonderful -- I love how you can see the fuzz on the stems.

    Was this taken with a macro? Do tell.



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