Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

I am sitting here, laptop on, TV on, watching American Idol a little disappointed with the two that are remaining.  Don't get me wrong I like both Scotty and Lauren, how could you not like these two cute kids, but I was so hoping Hailey would have been in the finals, only to make it a little more interesting.  I was not a fan of Hailey, but she really came on strong towards the end.  I think both she and James will do just fine without winning American Idol.  Well, time will tell what country performer will win. 

And then as soon as this is over, Dancing with the Stars is on....oh my such suspense in one night, how can I take all this?  Go Kym and Hines...!!!

 Oh Hip Hip Hooray....Hines & Kym are the new champions of Dancing with the Stars!!!  He just seems like such a nice guy and Kym is so gracious and BEAUTIFUL!!  I am happy!!

Blueberries....now nobody will debate the fact these sweet little fruits are 1) delicious and 2) good for you, right?  Well, believe it or not they came from Wendy's....yeah Wendy's the fast food, hamburger, chili, Wendy's.  A few months back they introduced some new salads and I have to admit they are really tasty, all made with fresh greens & their newest one with strawberries & blueberries, grilled chicken and a yummy fat free (yeah fat free) raspberry dressing.   So the moral to this story is....you CAN eat healthy at a fast food restaurant. 

A Perennial Geranium

I love this little flower.  I have several different species of this wonderful flower planted in my garden some are light pink, some are bright pink and some of them are this wonderful purplish/blue.  Most all bloom in the spring/early summer but Roxanne blooms ALL summer.  And they are very reliable coming back every year to bloom again and again and again.  

An early blooming Clematis

Another garden favorite and again I have several different varieties of these in my garden, ranging from light purple, dark purple, and white...small blooms and large blooms all climbers.  Stay tuned for more pictures of this gorgeous climbing flower.  

Ever-blooming begonia

Another garden fav.  Not a perennial, but a must have for pots in the shade.  And it does non-stop blooming all summer long.  Spectacular colors....!!!!

The red, red rose

Nothing says garden like a beautiful red rose.  This is NOT in my garden, I wish, but I don't have enough full sun to grow beautiful roses like this.  I shot this lovely at our local garden center, added a Kim Klassen texture and entered it in Kim's Texture Tuesday.  

Today I read some very good advice on shooting with your dslr from Elizabeth Halford, a professional photographer.  "I think it’s really important to understand the settings on your camera and how they work and why, but we can get so hung up on technicalities that we forget our first love: creating images. In my estimation, whether you shoot in raw or jpg, auto or manual, the only real ‘no no’ is missing your shot because you were fiddling with buttons and settings. Learn your craft, but don’t be ashamed of your methods. If they work, they work. No one ever looked at a famous painting and worried about the brand of paint that was used or said, “yeah, but you see that brush stroke there? Not a very advanced technique.” Just love photography and get your shot no matter what." 

I was really happy to read that since I tend to be a lazy photographer.  I usually shoot in Aperature Priority Mode since I always like the "fuzzy" background.  I feel like I get more good shots than if I continually "fiddle" with the settings....like Elizabeth said, don't be ashamed of your methods.  Do what works for you. 

Until next time....

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  1. I sooo agree with you on American Idol -- just so happy with this season over all.

    I just found the Fruit and chicken salad last week and YUM!!!

    And lastly totally agree with you. I have always said when people as what I "shoot"...i say a camera :)

    I am an AP mode girl myself and sometimes when taking a great landscape to change the setting.

    Give me a shout about this Sundays Guest prompter would you??

    Hugs -- lovely post!


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