Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Brie's Day

Saturday, May 21, 2011 (the day the world was supposed to end but DID NOT) Brie, our granddaughter prepared for her Senior Prom.  She looked absolutely stunning in a blue dress with sequins and a peacock feather pattern.  Brie is not a girlie girl...she doesn't get dressed up too often but today was her day.  Her mother had tears in her eyes as Brie walked into the room.  Her last child graduating from highschool, my last grandchild.  Oh my how time flies.  The young man is Ryan, her beau for over a year.  Ryan is wonderful to Brie, there is love in his eyes whenever he is around her.

The back of the dress was so unique, revealing, but not too, too much.  It passed her father's inspection and met with Mom's approval, so she was good to go.  Check out those dangle bracelets. 

The flowers were sweet and somebody finally came up with a terrific idea....magnets on the men's flowers, no more struggling with the pin and either stabbing yourself or him in the process.  Now why didn't I think of that??!!

Love the headband that so perfectly matched her dress.....

Sam, the Dad even had blue on....don't think that was planned at all...but see the resemblance (check the teeth, no question who her Dad is) 

Happy, happy happy

Brie and her PopPop....isn't that sweet and full of love!!

The cutest couple there, I am sure!!

It was too hard to pick one picture of them together, I had to post several....I think I took over 200 photos, thank goodness for digital.  OMG remember the days, not really that long ago, when you would take maybe 20-40 pictures (I think a roll was 20) and hope and pray that you had a couple that turned out well and were scrapbook and frame worthy?  Cutting out the coupon for developing and waiting days before they came back developed, holding your breath as you opened the envelope and rifling  thru the stack even before you got out of the store.  We are darn near instant gratification with digital.  No wonder I don't have patience for anything, progress has ruined me. 

AHHH....young love

Just spoke with my daughter, Lisa and Brie had checked in with the parents to report that the Prom was a huge success.  Happy memories were made last night that will not be forgotten.  Do you remember your Senior Prom??

Until next time....


  1. Deanna, these are all precious!

  2. Wonderful job, Deanna! How special you being able to photograph your granddaughter for her prom. Beautiful!

    Becky Sue

  3. Terrific shots.
    Such a lovely girl.
    She has her grandmother's joy written all over her face.


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