Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Monday Babies

A couple of weeks ago our Prompt Addicts group, a group of ladies on flickr that is a spin-off of all the Big Picture classes with Tracey Clarke we all participated in together and couldn't bear to stop, weekly theme was babies.  (Wow, that was a long sentence, hope you kept up) Some of the women in our group have babies or have grandbabies or about to become new grandmothers to grandbabies, anyway, the theme for the week was babies.  Now we were not restricted to human babies, we could photograph baby anything.  Since I have no babies, am not a grandmother to any babies I had to look elsewhere for my photo shots of babies.  That week I prowled our neighborhood ponds looking, looking for baby ducks, or baby anything.  Like everything else around here this spring, even the babies were late in coming.  Yesterday, camera in hand, I walked across the street to the pond and lo and behold there were baby goslings.  Two sets of Mom & Pop Canada geese (I have no idea how to puralize that) had babies.  One Mom & Pop had 2 little goslings, another had three.  They seem to hang out together, probably swapping baby stories, but when I came anywhere near, Mom & Pop would scurry their babies into the water away from me and my camera.  Lucky me I lugged along my Tamron 200-500mm zoom lens so I was able to get really close, without getting really close.  The sweet shot above was taken just after these 3 little darlings had been hurried away from the big bad human and as you can see, the one in the middle still had a piece of grass hanging from his little mouth/beak, probably whinning because he wasn't finished eating that yummy grass.

Now isn't this just about the cutest thing you have ever seen??  I have such mixed emotions when I see this cute little bunny.  Yes, he is cute, cute....but he does bad, bad things to the garden.  See that little blade of grass in his mouth, that could very well be my roses, my clematis, my hostas, my .... So as much as I think he is adorable, I really would like him to be adorable in someone else's yard. 

Another cutie patootie that has the sweetest little face, but can really play havoc in the garden.  If you have any of these in your yard you know they have this little high pitched squeek and  as soon as Toby hears that, oh boy, the chase is on.  Toby, never wins, but he gets an A for effort and he never, ever quits trying. 

Until next time.....


  1. I just popped over from Picture Inspiration! Your blog is wonderful! Love your photos above. My dream is to own a camera with a good zoom, so I can sneak up on the rabbit in my yard!! I've really enjoyed your images on BP!

  2. D!
    I am in love with you babies!

    Sometimes these lil creatures are so much more fun.


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