Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Woman to Woman Connection

Today was the last day of "Women on Wednesdays" Bible study until the fall.  My good friend, Marti, the owner of the beautiful alliums in an earlier post, suggested several years back (4 or 5, I forget) that we sign up for her church's bible study on Wednesday mornings.  At the time I was in great need of a spiritual uplifting.  It was a really down time in my life and I guess I needed reassurance that God was there for me.  I began attending each week, gradually getting to know the ladies in our group, and by the end of the second year truly felt a strong connection to this group of women.  A couple of years ago when the study ended in the spring, our bonds of friendship had grown to the point that we did not want to go all summer without that weekly connection.  Our local Barnes & Noble bookstore coffeeshop was the perfect place to continue.  So each week, promptly at 9:30 AM (well, sometimes it wasn't quite so promptly) we gathered, drank coffee (at the time I was the ONLY coffee drinker, the rest drank tea) and mulled over our lives.  Last year the group grew, again meeting promptly at 9:30 AM (again sometimes NOT) drinking coffee/tea (I really don't know how you get that jolt that I need in the morning by drinking tea).  This year we expect the group to grow even larger since the word has spread how much fun we have, how we express our opinions on the latest whatever, how we listen to each other's trials as well as triumphs, and generally have that woman to woman connection.  I think all women need that and it's a totally different kind of connection than you have with your husband or your children.  Somehow your husband doesn't quite get the overwhelming desire I had a couple of weeks ago when I bought 2 watches at Macy's.  But your girlfriends understand.

The above photo is of the Columbine's that are now in bloom next the church parking lot.  I snapped this after our last WOW session today.

OK, now that we are down to the last 3 on DWTS....who do you want to win and take home that Miraball Trophy??  I think I am leaning toward Hines & Kym, wasn't it just frightening when she was injured and so sweet of Hines to show his emotions like he did?  It just proves that those big strong football players are real men, they cry.
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