Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Front Porch

Isn't this beautiful?, I love pansies and when they have been growing for awhile, and they get big and lush like this, I think they are at their absolute finest.  I so wish they would last thru the summer, they take such little care, just snipping off the dead ones to encourage more blooms, but as soon as the temps rise their poor little faces begin to droop and they shrivel and wilt.   I thought I saw somewhere where some plant grower had come up with one that lasts thru the summer heat.  If anyone knows of this grower, pass the info along to this pansy lover. 

And don't you just love the diptych?  A diptych is 2 photos side by side (or up & down) and 3 photos is  a triptych.  I think they are perfect for displaying photos that perhaps tell a story or are related in some fashion like my front porch photos.  Florabella's facebook page has these templates that she is giving away free.  There are 4 diptychs and 1 triptych templates that are presized for the web, so perfect to add to your blog or flickr.  And you did remember that I said free....but I don't know how long it will last so get your little fingers in gear and go get 'um. 

Isn't this gorgeous!!??  While on the barn quilt jaunt, we stopped at the museum in downtown Kankakee which is the start of the tour, they have a lovely garden which was in absolutely glorious spring bloom.  I spotted this beautiful flower and had absolutely no idea what it was. I am thinkin' multiple day lilies on a bush, because it was obviously a bush, and then I am thinkin' no, not possible.   Catherine proceeded to say, "that's an azalea", wow I have never seen an orange azalea, only the bright pinks & purples.   Nature continually amazes me with it's pure beauty.  I do love life and life loves me back by giving me these beauties to enjoy. 

A few more of the barn quilts that I so enjoyed.  These are all 8x8 ft squares, painted with outdoor resistant paints and lovingly displayed on the sides of the barns in Kankakee County, IL.  I especially like the one on the right, doesn't it look like a goofy face?  2 eyes, the quilt noise, a smile, and 2 buck teeth.  I think the owner must have a great sense of humor. 

Enjoy your Saturday evening and see ya later. 

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  1. Hi Deanna, as always I love your photos. So glad your are blogging and I saw that barn face even before I read your description. Have a great day!



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