Monday, October 31, 2011

And It Ended with a Bang

What a fun filled weekend I had beginning with Friday Foto Fun with Catherine.  Friday was another super-duper day and a ride to the country was definitely in order.  As I was driving I spotted a beautiful yellow leafed tree in the middle of a corn-field that I just needed to stop and take a picture of for my Composition Class with Tracey Clark and while we were there we watched a Coopers Hawk land and sit atop some old fencing.  I kept walking closer and closer and closer until I was able to get some really nice shots. 

 Composition image - Negative Space

Just barely out past all the subdivisions that seem to go on forever, we decided to take a side road, best decision I made that day.  Right on the corner was a farm that had a market attached, beautiful gardens (but the flowers were definitely on their way out) and a large tent for receptions.  A further drive down the same road revealed a horse barn with several horses, and while out snapping one of the volunteers drove by and invited us in to get really good pictures.  After introductions we discovered this was a horse rescue stable where you could also board your horses as well.  We meet all kinds of people on our travels.  We inquired if there was anything we definitely should see along this route and we were told to go right next door to an old abandon house & barn.  She said "haunted" but I didn't see any ghosts or goblins while we trapsed all over the property, but I admit we did not attempt to go inside the house or the barn just in case there were some left-over ghosts still roaming the halls.  (more pics later of the horses & "haunted house")

The road.....

My only purchase at the farmer's market....

After a full day, Friday nite I had a date with my good friend, Marti.  She had called earlier in the week and invited me to be her date since her husband would be out of town for the weekend to a "wine & cheese" party with a group called "the empty nesters" from her church.  It was held at the home of a super nice couple named Jill & Robert, wonderful host & hostess.  There was a plenty of thrilling ferment on the tongue wine to drink and many tantalizing cheeses to taste and a whole lotta yumptious nibbles.  A total gastric delight. 

What do you suppose the garbage men say when they empty the can holding all these empty bottles?? And this was just "some" of the many that were opened and enjoyed. 

While at the party the discussion of fashion and what's the latest that the fashionistas will be wearing this fall & winter was a topic of conversation.  According to Nate Burkus (love him) the scarf fashion this year is higher on the neck.  Carolyn was the fashionista of the evening with her "higher" on the neck scarf.  She enlightened us on how to wrap your scarf to get the "look".  All of us that had scarves on that evening decided we needed to be part of the "new trend". 

Carolyn (our instructor) is on the right, Marti (my date) and Jill (the Hostess with the Mostess).  And me (oh, excuse me I was taking the picture).  Great fun!!  Great fashion!!

Saturday dawned and with it another beautiful day.  Not to be wasted Catherine and I decided to just do a little more Friday Foto Fun on Saturday.  We stopped at the hospital to visit our poor Elaine (the broken pelvis lady).  She is headed off to rehab shortly so prayers are welcomed for a speedy recovery for Elaine.

The Sumac bushes in front of the hospital are outrageously brilliant orange!!

After the visit we headed down to the Riverwalk. 

All God's colors.....

This is the spot where we came upon the family trying to take their Christmas Card pictures and we jumped in and volunteered (see previous post)

Sunday came and with it clouds and prediction for rain.  Oh no, it's the Sycamore 50th Anniversary Pumpkin Parade.  And my granddaughter, Brie was home from Iowa State for the first time since she left in August.  I was not going to miss it.  Dressed warm, added scarf, gloves, and hat and I was ready.  Met my grandson Brandon, Hilary (his wife), and the "new" boyfriend, Colton in downtown Sycamore for the big day.  I can almost tell you what is going to be in the parade, I have attended so many of these.  Always begins with the big wide motorcycles ridden by "senior citizens", various and sundry marching bands, pet rescues marching the dressed up dogs, Cub Scout Troops, Brownie Troops, Financial Institutions trying to get your money, politicians trying to get your vote, the Shriners driving those ridiculous small cars, etc etc.  My daughter always marches with the Northern Illinois University Pom/Dance Squad since she is the coach, and also with a group of her dance students (which includes my 2 granddaughters) from her dance studio, Studio M. 

Group of Latino Dancers, all had on these colorful skirts (wouldn't you have loved having one of these costumes as a little girl?)

Best Band of the day....a group called "The Fossils".  A bunch of ex-band marchers getting together with various costumes (mostly jeans & sweat shirts) to play and march in the parade.  Fun group, they even had cheerleaders and baton twillers, all way past high-school age.

These were quite original.  A Bakery that placed "real" carved pumpkins on their heads and played cooking pans with kitchen utensils.  Very entertaining. 

And ofcourse there is a pic of my daughter, (she is the quiet one in front)  and her girls from NIU.

And my "growing up too fast" Brie with her new main squeeze, Colton.  They left right after dinner to drive back to Iowa State, a good 5 hour drive.  Won't see her again until Christmas since I will be in California for Thanksgiving. 

So, after a wonderful dinner and a piece of warm pumpkin pie with whipped cream for dessert it was time for me to head home.  I stopped at their local Walgreens on the way back and guess what??  this is where the "it ended with a bang" enters the picture.  It was dark, the pavement was wet with rain, I got confused and missed a stop sign and ran right into another car.  Thank God neither of us were hurt, but boy are the cars hurtin'.  Both had to be towed and both were 2011 cars.  I felt really, really bad because the driver of the other car was a sweet young highschool girl, not hurt but really shaken up.  Her parents were there within 5 minutes, thank goodness I had not driven very far, so my daughter, son-in-law, grandson & granddaughter-in-law were there within 10 minutes.  Everyone was so nice, from the parents of the young girl to the police officer that handled the accident.  But, my gosh, Deanna, 2
accidents in less than 6 months.  I am starting to worry about myself.  I went for many, many years without having an accident and now 2 in 6.  YIKES!!  But all in all a wonderful weekend, too bad it had to end with a bang. 

"Life is a rollercoaster.  Try to eat a light lunch."  ~  David A. Schmaltz

Until next time......


  1. It's always a treat to stop by. Awesome images and descriptions. Glad no one was hurt in your accident.

  2. My goodness. This makes my life seem so dull!

  3. Gee, you've been doing so many interesting things. I need to get out more beyond going to Target and the grocery store ;)

    All your photos look so pretty, but I really love the one of the sumac. That's too bad about your accident. I'm glad everyone was okay.

  4. Oh, I need to get a life or get out more...Such fantastic pictures.

  5. Oh, Deanna! So glad nobody was hurt! Now, I do have a question: Why do we have to be "little girls" to have one of those costumes? Can't we have one now? :D

  6. What a fabulous post! I had to laugh when I read a few of the comments - I was thinking the same thing - I need to get out more!! Your photography is outstanding - that hawk - stunning!

  7. Whew! What a whirlwind. Loved everything about this post, Deanna, except the accident. Bummer. Glad you are okay. :)


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