Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Colorful Days

Getting ready to watch "Last Man Standing" the new Tim Allen TV show, I watched it a couple of weeks ago and I laughed out-loud the entire 1/2 hour.  We need things to make us laugh, because sometimes life just gets to be not fun.  And watching a funny TV show is about the easiest and least expensive way to bring a little laughter into your life.  Sometimes ya just need some mindless entertainment. 

Speaking of entertainment, not the mindless kind, this morning I went down to our local book store to listen to the twice a year Carol's Book Talk.  Carol, one of the ladies that works at the book store, gathers quite a few books in several genre's; fiction, non-fiction, memoirs all in paperback to give us book club lovers some ideas for future reads.  Since I got my Kindle I still miss that feel & look of a book.  An e-reader on your bed-side table doesn't quite have the same aesthetics as a real book.  But, the e-reader is very convenient, easy to hold, easy to read, and so EASY to buy a new book, sometimes too easy.  But with all the book-stores that seem to be going belly-up ie BORDERS, having an e-reader seems to be the way of the future.   To spice things up, Carol always gives away some great books by answering a few questions, usually about "book clubs".  One of the questions today was "where is the most unusual place that your club has met?"  One lady speaks up and says "an airplane"....needless to say, that answer won that round.  As she came up to claim her prize she revealed that their book club travels extensively, and went to Paris when they read "The Paris Wife".  Our traveling from one end of our town to the other does not exactly measure up to her kind of traveling. 

After Carol's Book Talk I decided to take a stroll along the riverwalk.  The colors are in that absolutely gorgeous stage right now.  The oranges, the yellows, the reds are jaw-dropping spectacular.  And to think they will all be gone quicker than a squirrel can bury enough nuts for the season. 

So here are some of the pics from my walk from yesterday around the neighborhood and today from a short walk at the Riverwalk, it started raining so my walk was shorter than anticipated

The marigolds still look great in my neighbor's yard.

A pretty little feather caught in the dried weeds....

Love these black berries against that pretty blue sky....

We have a ton of geese gathering at the pond across the street....

Isn't this an interesting bud on the sumac bush?? 

The riverwalk....

Oh those colored leaves make my heart go pitter-patter....

Another view of the riverwalk with an added texture from Kim Klassen.

Such lovely oranges ...

Leaves on one branch so many different colors.....

Well, these are just a few of the many photos I took the last 2 days.  I just can't help myself when nature is so majestic with fall glory. 

"Life is a succession of moments.  To live each one is to succeed."  ~  Corita Kent

Until next time......


  1. A wonderful collection. I love the white feather.

  2. what beautiful pictures. i love this time of the year. thanks for sharing. (:

  3. Oh how I miss the colors of fall up north - not the snow however!! ; )

    Just wanted to tell you that I grew up in Geneva and all my family is still in the surrounding area!

  4. I have to say I love my nook.. The best thing is I can make the fount really BIG.. So I don't need a spot light to read..

    I also love to watch Last man standing. I have it on auto record. You are right it make me Laugh out Loud..
    Gorgeous photos my friend. I don't think I have ever seen a marigold look so good..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. All your photos are just so beautiful - your leaves are stunning!

  6. The colors are at their peak in some areas -- gorgeous Autumn hues here, Deanna. :)

  7. Stunning autumn images ~ all so beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous Deanna! What lens did you take on your walk?


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