Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Over

What a grand time I had this last week visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Pagosa Springs, CO.  Talk about beautiful country, it was a visual treat from beginning to end.  A wee damper was the weather; cool, wet, breezy & snow!!  We actually had only one day out of the 7 that was absolutely gorgeous, but it sure didn't stop us from doing all that we could.  I took almost 1,000 shots so, eventho the weather was not the greatest it sure did not stop me from taking pictures.  And what a photographer's dream ...  mountains, valleys, greens, golds, purples, oranges, streams, rivers, pink sunsets, a blue sky that is beyond blue.  I think it is wonderful that we can stay within our own country and witness some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere on earth, from the east coast to the west coast and everything in between.  Each area of the country has it's own beauty, but I gotta admit that Colorado is right near the top of my list. 

And you know all that fuss over the bathing suit....well, it was too rainy and cold to even stick our pinkies in the hot springs, whew, thank goodness. 

I flew Frontier Airlines...never have flown with them before. But I will say, they were on-time and hassle free and they have the cutest animals painted on the tails of each of their airplanes.  I flew on a beaver and a baby otter.  Had to change planes in Denver both coming and going, flying to and from Durango, CO. and I was suddenly back in the 50's.  We are so spoiled boarding and unboarding planes by walking up a large enclosed tunnel thingy, totally protected from the weather, however in Durango, there are no large jets that fly in and out (probably because of the mountains wouldn't ya think??).  We walked out on the tarp to board a prop plane.  When I saw that, I thought I was gonna die.  Not so, it was an easy flight, even in the pouring rain.  The only thing that was damaged was my hair due to the exposures to the elements.   Frontier Airlines has restored my faith in tiny prop planes. 

Not raining yet, but shortly after taking off the rains came.  When is the last time you remember boarding a plane like this??

How could anything bad happen on a plane that has this sweet face on it's tail??

This is what greeted us as we woke up the next morning....clouds so low they didn't even clear the tall pines.  Pagosa Springs is 7,700 ft above sea level, no wonder my ears were popping.

Along with the clouds this family came visiting each morning.  It is a Mom and 2 of her babies (I promise there are 2 babies, you just can't see the other one).  I can't imagine what they found so delicious in that mud.

Well, must close for now...Dancing with the Stars is on in a few and I missed the whole thing last week.  In fact, I watched NO TV for the entire week.  Got lots to catch up on.  But many more pictures of Colorado to come (I promise I won't post all 1,000 of them).

"It seems obvious that the first rule of life is to have a good time."  ~  Brendan Gill

Until next time.......


  1. I was thinking of you today and wondering when you were returning, so what a pleasant surprise to find your post on my sidebar. Welcome home. Looking forward to more of your great pics.

  2. Welcome back. Wonderful images, looking forward to seeing lots more.

  3. Welcome back! Can't wait to see more of your photos. Love that one of the clouds below the tree line.


  4. Well, it sounds like you had a wonderful time despite the weather. I'll bet you got some great photos...Colorado is so pretty :)

  5. Oh, Deanna! It sounds like you had such a marvelous time! And you deserved it after the rough year you've had. I'm sure it rejuvenated your body and soul and it's always good to visit with family, don't ya think? I just returned from a family visit and it fills something inside.

    Glad you're home safely and back to Snippets ... I've missed you!

  6. So glad you enjoyed your trip.. I would love to visit Colorado. I can't wait to see more of your photos.. What a wonderful scene to wake up to..

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Welcome back, Deanna! I'm glad you had a great time! I can't wait to see all those photos!

  8. What a sweet otter! Glad you're safely home. I visit Durango once...believe that's where we took the narrow guage RR up to Silver City (I believe it was SC.)

  9. Glad you're safely home! I know you must have enjoyed the family visit!! I'm anxious to see any or all of your 1000 photos!! Love the photo with the clouds and trees, so beautiful!!

  10. Welcome back - I missed your posts! Great shots so far and I can't wait to see more!


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