Thursday, October 27, 2011

He's Happy, I'm Happy

Why do bad things have to happen to good people?  That is an age-old question that comes up regularly and to date, no one has been able to answer it.  Yesterday, the sweetest 89 year old lady fell as she was walking out the door to come to Bible Study and ended up with a fractured pelvis.  And yesterday was also the Wake for my friend that passed away from Cancer way too young.  Bad things, good people.  And you wonder why I watch mindless TV that makes me laugh.  I feel very bad for sweet, Elaine.  It is going to take a mighty heap of healing & recovery to get her back on her feet, and for my friend's family, they now have to adjust to a life without their wife and Mom.  Sometimes I wonder what is God's plan in all this?  Is it to help us recognize what's good in our lives when we see the bad?  Maybe we cannot fully appreciate the good until we have experienced some not so good things in our lives?  But gee wheez I sure would like to see the world with less hurt and ugliness and more beauty and happiness.  OK God??

I did get some good news today.  I drove up to see my sweetie and also to meet with the Director, the Activities Director and the Head Nurse for feedback on Gary's overall health and well-being.  He is doing well, has actually improved in his capacities, behaves quite nicely, sweet, gentle, participates in activities and in fact they all said they would like everyone in the facility to be just like Gary.  This makes me very happy and gives me that added confidence that I did the right thing at the right time.  He's happy, I'm happy. 

After attending the Wake yesterday I took the time to drive around our fair city and was pleasantly surprised to find a hidden park.  I drove in and was totally surprised by all the beauty surrounding me.  Ofcourse I had to stop and take a few photos a long the way. 

I thought this was the cutest house all decorated for Halloween with that cobweb over the porch....

As I walked to my car, I heard this scraping sound, looked up and the squirrel was really attacking that nut in his mouth.

The path leading into the park....

A dead tree that had fallen in the woods with that wonderful moss growing on top...

Hope your days ahead a filled with all good things.

"God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame."  ~  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Until next time.......


  1. I'm sorry all the bad things but that is life!
    The cutest house I have seen, love it. That park really must awake you to see the good things, it is really beautiful place and you took gorgeous pictures of it:)
    Have a pleasant weekend

  2. The path into the park is gorgeous.

    Glad to hear your husband is doing well, it must have been such a heart wrenching decision to put him into a home. Have a great weekend.

  3. Beautiful, gorgeous photos - and I'm in love with the Halloween decor on that house, how cute!

    The one thing I try to remember that stuck with me from a bible study, is that God hasn't, didn't, never will promise us an easy life just a safe passage. And I watched a video recently where a man said that God can heal you without changing your circumstances so that the works of God can be revealed through them. So, while we may not get the miracles we want, sometimes we may be the miracle for someone else and their salvation.

    So glad to hear that Gary is happy and healthy!!

  4. I am sure GOD has a plan for all of us. I guess we just need to have faith.. Boy is that hard sometimes.. I so want to live in your neighborhood.. It is beautiful. I am so glad to hear Gary is doing well and is Happy!!

    Hugs, Linda

  5. happy to hear you husband is doing well. not sure about you ... but when i meet the maker i'm got a "big" old list of questions to ask him. the child in me always says i get that we were not told this life would be easy ... but what about the choice of what life we will live in? ever heard of "fiddler on the roof" ... the song "if was a rich man" ... would it be that bad if god had made me rich ... oh the things i could have done if i was rich. ha. ha. i truly try to be thankful of all things in my life... but it is tough at times considering all that we go through during our lives. "god never gives us more than we can handle, he helps us handle what we are given" this quote is on a print hanging in my bathroom i read it everyday to remind myself of that fact. we can handle so much more than we realize. you have a good weekend. (:

  6. Gorgeous photos! I especially love the one leaf on the moss. I'm glad to hear your husband is happy.

  7. I'm so glad that your hubby is doing well, Deanna. I know that is a huge weight off of your mind for the time being.

    Great photos -- especially love the park entrance. Amazing.

    As far as bad things and good people -- I'm not a religious person, so my take on it is there are really no good or bad things that happen in life -- just things. How we look at them or how they effect us makes them good or bad, if that makes any sense. I'm so sorry about your friend that fell -- that will be a long road for her.

  8. Life is short and no always a quiet way,but during quiet moments we must captured all beautifull things that natuur give as present, best regard to you from Belgium

  9. Beautiful photo's!! Fall is so amazing!

    Thank you for your comment on my Texture Tuesday!

  10. So happy to read your husband is doing well. I'm hoping my dad adjusts and I can report the same thing. I'm learning that if life throws you a curveball, you've got to learn to hit it. And it's REALLY hard sometimes :).

    Blessings to you,


  11. Glad your husband is happy! We have to look at the sparks of light that always exist in the darkness. His happiness and your happiness in the midst of such a horrible illness may just be a raging fire! Dad fell this morning, but thankfully he will be okay even though he bumped his head. I'd like a break from the difficult parts, but God has been blessing me all along the way. He is so good isn't he?!

  12. Glad to know that he's happy and so are you. Even if he is not, it would be good that you stay happy. Happiness can be infectious, you know what I mean? Lovely photos. Love the squirrel.

  13. Deanna, I am so happy to hear that Gary is doing well. I know that makes your heart glad despite all that is dark right now.


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