Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday.... oops Saturday Foto Fun

The last time Catherine and I enjoyed a Friday Foto Fun was 2 weeks ago at the International Scott Kelby Photo Walk.  We considered driving to Galena for the day, but since I was still in recovery mode, decided against it which probably means we will totally miss the "color" this year.  The leaves are dropping quickly and will soon be gone, boo-hoo!!  I keep hearing things like "oh I hear Chicago is in for a really bad winter."  Yikes, not ready for that.  Last year was bad enough with that blizzard that pretty near shut down the whole city.  Oh boy, can hardly wait to see what's in store this year.  But in the meantime we will continue to enjoy our Friday Foto Fun days as long as possible. 

Today we headed west in search of old barns (again).  We drove for almost 20 miles before we finally found some barns.  Thank goodness my sweet auto has a GPS (fondly named Georgia).  We turned here and there, paved, unpaved roads in our search for the perfect barn.  The sun was shining but the wind was quite blustery...listening to the weather report this evening, found out it was gusting 40 mph.  No wonder my hair was a little past the wind-blown stage.  Catherine brought her tri-pod thinking she would set it up and practice different exposures.....ha!  No way, Jose.  The winds ruled today. 

 We found a yellow barn, our first in that color....

This was red at one time....a little faded now and a little more air-conditioned.

A green one....added a Kim Klassen texture to this.  The sun was so bright today, that if you were facing the sun it literally washed out the blue of the sky, thus the texture.

This poor barn is about ready to lose it's silo....."the leaning silo of Sycamore"

Finally a red barn.  Passed quite a few pieces of large farm machinery that appeared to be gathering corn.  Must be used as feed because the corn I saw on the stalks was as dry as popcorn kernels.  Not exactly the butter-dripping tasty corn on the cob I enjoyed this past summer. 

Another grey barn, another Kim Klassen texture....

Ofcourse if there are barns, there will be horses (& cows). 

One last stop before heading home was to one of my fav gardening centers.  They had a great sale on all of their pots, 50% off.  I couldn't resist, I bought 2 orange/red glazed pots for the front porch.  Now I have to buy some mums & pumpkins to get into the full fall mode before fall is over.  Tomorrow is the day.  More pics to follow.....

"One of the most wonderful things about life is that there's always so much more to know, so much more to discover."  ~  Joni Eareckson Tada

Until next time........


  1. I've NEVER seen a yellow barn! What a find! And that leaning silo....timber!



    Kuvista aistii tänne suomeen asti tuota maaseudun rauhaa ja lämpöä!

  3. I love Barns! These are so nice!


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