Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home Again & The Photo Walk

Feeling much better today so drove to my daughter's to pick up my sweet Toby.  I sure did miss him.  My brother has a dog, A J, a golden retriever, beautiful.  So calm, most of the time you are not even aware he is around except when he wants a little lovin'. The whole week I was there I never heard him bark, not once.  We took him to Santa Fe with us and while Gwen and I were strolling the streets my brother would have him on a leash walking around the Promenade   He became an instant magnet, attracting women, children & men.  Everyone wanted to pet A J, he is so gentle and so tolerant.  Toby, on the other hand is well, how do I say this, not calm, not quiet, you always know he's around and barks at just about everything.  I keep telling myself that the barking is good, makes for a fine watch-dog, but if anybody came after him he would run with his tail between his legs.  He sounds mighty, but he is really a woose (sp??) He was so happy to see me today he couldn't stop wagging his tail, jumping up on my lap, kissing me (I know those who aren't dog lovers are probably going yuck), and a few barks along the way.  Isn't it nice to be loved like that, so unconditional, so happy.  A J gives quiet love, Toby is a little more demonstrative. 

Wouldn't you say he was a happy camper to be home again??!! 

Thought I would post a few pics from the Scott Kelby Photo Walk I went on Saturday, Oct 1st.  Just a few days before I left for Colorado.  My buddy, Catherine and I joined a group that was to meet at Graceland Cemetery on North Clark St. in Chicago.  It was established in 1860 and is a haven in the city with massive oaks, elms and maples that stand in testament to the architecturally significant monuments and markers that cover 119 acres of land.  Chicago "giants" are buried here, early settlers, developers, railroad car manufactures, inventors, civic planners & builders, newspapers publishers, lumber merchants.  This cemetary is filled with those who made Chicago the great city it is today. 

There were many mausoleums that had beautiful workmanship on the doorways.  Because of their age they had this wonderful patina finish. 

And my goodness there were many, many tall pedestals marking the gravesites.

This was the gravesite of the Burnham Family, early developers of the city.  Very simple rock gravestone, but he had a small island that was all his. 

Was that ever a surprise (shock) to be walking along and this runs in front of us. The Cemetary had a coyote that made his home there.  One of the fellow photographers found his den beneath a tombstone, almost stuck his hand in but decided he best not. (a wise man does not stick hand in coyote Indian lore)

This small site belonged to the Honore Family, a big developer.  (Carried on thru death looks like)

And my friend, Marshall Field.  I call him my friend because of how many times I went to his place of business to shop.  He always sent me a thank-you in the form of my monthly bill.  Very sad in this city when Marshall Field was sold to Macy's.  It took me almost 4 years before I would even step foot inside Macy's.  I was in protest. 

Suppose he belonged to the Pope family and just stopping by to pay his respects?  They did have quite a few small headstones.  They were not all super sized. 

Oops spoke too soon.  This is another LARGE tribute, this one belongs to the Palmer Family.  Another developer of our fair city and also the owner of the Palmer House Hotel.  Mr. Palmer is laid to rest in that large above ground marble grave on the left, while Mrs. Palmer is on the right.  Do you see the man on the left?, that gives you some idea as to the size of this. 

The last one was a small gravesite that had this statue of a young man playing a flute made from bronze sitting atop the grave.  Apparently he was in his early 40's when he died after completing his medical schooling and had barely started his practice when he passed away.  This was my entry for my "best shot" of the day.  I just liked how serene and simple and that lovely bokeh.

It was a wonderful day strolling thru this piece of Chicago history.  I will definitely join a group next year. After the walk we all met at a local restuarant and bar just a couple of blocks away to enjoy a meal and talk about the coyote. 

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet."  ~  Emily Dickinson

Until next time.........


  1. Puppy love is the best! Love the photo that you submitted. Looks like a very interesting cemetery. And to see a coyote, wowee!

  2. Such beautiful shots. Love the closeups and the composition.

  3. I would enjoy that walk for sure. I love every single photo you took! My trip to Chicago just keeps slipping away. My husband and I are constantly planning to stop in Chicago on our way from Italy to Florida but everytime something happens and we end up flying straight to FL. I don't have to tell you that my aunt is pissed because of that. I hope we'll make it to Chicago next summer. Great city and great photos!

  4. Ahhhh.. It looks like your little guy is so happy.. What a cutie.. I just love looking at your photo's from your walk.. I can see why you would want to do it again next year. Looks like fun!! I don't think we have grave yard like that here in Las Veags. Those old Tombstones look so cool!!

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Deanna, these are great moments you captured with your camera. I have never seen coyote in real life. This is a quiet tall and beautiful. I think it's not so easy to take pictures of coyote. They try to stay away from people.

    Beautiful pictures and very creative.

    Have a nice Friday.

  6. Your tour (and photography) through the graveyard was fabulous - so much history, so much beauty, and a coyote! how lucky can you get (they live right in my back yard and I hardly ever see them).

  7. Oh what a fabulous, fabulous walk!! I love the colors of your room, and I have so many favorites . . . but I do love your choice of the last one. Such beautiful bokeh!!

    I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and my family is all still there. The tri-city area in fact. I will really have to visit this place the next time we are there. But we'll have to come in a little early and not tell anyone - it seems we never have enough time!

  8. A wopnderful and interesting colelction of images!

  9. I love reading your post and looking at your photos! I can see how happy Toby is to have you back and be home again!! Thanks also for taking me around - I enjoyed the tour so much!

  10. Toby does look happy to be home with you! Love the historical tour of the cemetery.


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