Sunday, October 2, 2011

Suddenly Sunday

I don't know about you, but the weeks just seem to fly by.  This is already the 2nd day of October, we had our first hard frost last night, the leaves are changing and falling, time to pay bills again (that really does seem to roll around too fast), I think I have decided which of the new shows I am going to continue to watch, (altho I think there are still a few that haven't even aired yet, maybe I should leave this option open), and only 1 more day until I leave for Colorado.  Yippee!! 

My brother called today to give me a heads-up on the weather for the week (I guess he doesn't realize I have internet and can check the weather any place in the world) encouraging me to pack really casual.  Jeans, jeans and more jeans.  I can do that since I have jeans in a myriad of colors and they are one of my fav things to wear in cool weather.  My brother lives in Pagosa Springs, CO and as the name implies there is a spring there. Apparently a hot tourist attraction (also hot meaning the pools are hot, cool and everything in between).  Although the area is fairly liberal, he instructed me that nudity is not allowed in the springs and to be sure and bring my swim suit.  OMG my swim suit is so old it probably has holes in the knees.  Well, maybe not that old, but this body hasn't been in a swim suit in many a year, it's scary just thinking about it.  I asked if I could wear a T-shirt, he said "sure", so I must remember to pack a T-shirt.  So now I have 2 things to pack, jeans and a t-shirt. 

While I am there we are taking an over-night trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, which I am exclamation-point underscore looking forward to seeing.  I have heard wonderful things about Santa Fe so my expectations are really high.  Camera here we come.  Between Pagosa Springs which other than the springs is filled with mountains, trees, woods, wild animals, beautiful vistas and Santa Fe which is brimming over with color, color, color (and I understand there are a few nice silver jewelry stores along the way) I am going to be on sensor overload. 

And speaking of over-load, I went back to the Arboretum today.  Since it is only about 15 minutes from the house it was just too beautiful not to go.  The sun was shining brightly, the skies were clear, the wind was light and the temps were comfortable.  It was perfect and I was in for a treat. 

The dew was still heavy on the leaves when we arrived creating a beautiful effect.  (Love that bokeh!!)

The maples were turning yellow......

Some were turning orange.....

Some were turning gold.....

Some were turning how the light was filtering thru the trees to highlight the one leaf.

Some even had touches of pink.....

Even some Japanese Anemones were still blooming....

And you knew I couldn't end this series without a red berry of some sort. 

Having the eyes to see this beauty is truly a gift from God.  Hope your eyes saw beauty today.

"You're only here for a short visit.  Don't hurry, don't worry.  And be sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way."  ~  Walter C. Hagen

Until next time........


  1. Have a fun trip. Santa Fe is wonderful. There is always some kind of festival going on there. Will be looking to see all your phine photos when you return!

  2. Gorgeous bokeh! Safe travels...I'm thinking your poor camera is going to get quite the workout :)


  3. Love that dew bokeh in #1. I guess if you've had a hard frost that we can expect the same in a couple days? That seems to be the weather pattern. Have an awesome trip! Can't wait to see your photos. I lived in Colorado when I was younger, pretty place! Would love to see Santa Fe and all that turquoise and sterling silver.

  4. Have a great trip.
    You have some beautiful images in this series, as always. The light coming through the trees is just gorgeous.

  5. Oh I just know you will have a great trip.. And I really can't wait to see your photos.. I have to say that little bit about the swimsuit made me LOL.. Thanks.. Your photos are just gorgeous..

    Hugs, Linda

  6. Deanna, the more I look at your pictures and read your post the more I am inspired and in love with them. These pictures are so airy and so colorful and at the same time very delicate. Beautiful and wonderful photo work!!!!

    And light is always amazing in your pictures.

    Greetings from Kaya.

  7. Love the pink leaf -- amazing detail and it just plain makes me happy to look at it. :)

  8. Wow, so beautiful! So glad for Fall!!


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