Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Was It Thanksgiving Yesterday??

Other than Thanksgiving do you ever have those days when you feel like the only thing you did all day was eat??  That is exactly how I felt yesterday....  My good friend, Ruth is the Master Chef at a charming place in the country called Emerson Creek.  Not only is the food utterly delicious, it is the holy grail for food lovers.  Four of us drove to this charmer yesterday for lunch.  After a pasta/chicken/cheese/crisp fried onion individual casserole with a mandarian orange salad that was out and out scrumptious, then there was dessert.  When there is Peach-Berry Compote, Pecan Pie with Struesel Topping, Chocolate Grenache Crepes with Raspberries, and Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting with warm Caramel Sauce as choices, that was probably the biggest decision I have had to make all week.  Two of us decided on the Pumpkin Cake and the other two ordered the Chocolate Crepes.  The cake was a gastronomic garden party in my mouth, fall wrapped up in cream cheese & caramel in every bite.  I didn't take one picture of the lunch, I was too busy indulging. 

After driving the ladies home, I returned home, sat down in my cozy chair (just for a minute I thought) and fell asleep.  Only to wake up in time to gather myself together to go to Bunco.  Another taste fiesta.  Oh my goodness, here we go again.  Maureen, the hostess, had a bounty of finger-lickin' spreads, dips, chips, tasty morsels, enough yumness to fill our tummies (fill my tummy??, mine was over-loaded already).  Being the polite person that I am I filled my plate with samples of each.

This is a swiss cheese hot spread with BACON on top....who doesn't like bacon on top??  I think I saw where some baker is baking Bacon Cupcakes....sweet, salty - it probably works!!  She also had a hot cheese/artichoke dip that was a palate party in my mouth. 

After our 3 games of Bunco it was dessert time, more food.  Maureen brought out a trayful of cupcakes, many flavors to choose from.  They were cut in 1/4ths and we each had a taste of as many as we wanted.  Again, politeness reigned and the plate was filled again. 

OK, enough with the politeness, I had enough food to last me thru the winter...fasting for sure for the next week.  Oh no, went to Bible Study this morning and one of my dear friends bought a tiramisu cake in my honor, (another story) politeness reigns again, must have a piece....ok next week fasting.  

"Life expectancy wuld grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon." 
 ~  Doug Larson

Until next time.....


  1. My goodness that sounds like such a wonderful day! I enjoy looking at your food photography - that line-up of cupcakes is pure yumminess!

  2. FAV!!!

  3. That all looks sooo good!
    What is that in the second picture? Years and years ago, we used to get this hot pepper raspberry sauce that you pour over cream cheese and then spread on crackers... that's what this looks like.


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