Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude on a Monday Morning

Lately after uploading a few photos to flickr I noticed some of my contacts began contributing to a 30 Day Gratitude Group.  Decided that it would be a "good" thing to join up.  Simple enough, just take a photo each day during the month of "gratitude" commonly known as November, that you are grateful for and post it on flickr, adding it to the 30 Days of Gratitude Flickr group.  Since joining and contributing to all these photography groups I have such an awareness of what encircles my life each and every day. Instances that I have seen with my eyes day in and day out, but when captured through the lens of a camera become little pieces of art, or at the very least a wake-up call to appreciate even the simple details of a Monday morning.  So today I decided to note all that I was grateful for this morning.....

1)  The big maple tree in the front yard.  I love the shade it provides in the summer, the golden yellow beauty it blesses us with in the fall, but when the leaves begin to fall, not so much.

After a super windy weekend, most all of the leaves on that big beautiful maple tree came tumbling to the ground, ready for pick-up.  Today was the perfect day for raking leaves....absolutely still with not even a breeze blowing, and cool, so no worries about over-heating. (was also thankful for this, but failed to take pictures of the no wind and coolness in the air) 

2)  Thankful for big, lightweight, plastic, blue tarps to rake many leaves on, in order to drag said leaves onto the curb for future pick-up.  I don't know how many times I filled this tarp up and dragged the leaves to the curb, decided not to count, there was no prize awarded.  My front yard has a white picket fence surrounding it, with the only exit for leaves is thru the front gate.  It just becomes more efficient to do the "tarp thing". 

3)  A handy leaf blower, enough said.

4) A sip of coffee now and again for refuel. 

 5)  County trucks that come and pick up all these leaves, whew, thank goodness.

6)  Neighbors, they usually like to hang next door because of the apple tree in the front yard.  They drop by each day for snacks and tend to drop some things of their own as they leave.  May have to re-think grateful on this one. 

7)  My sweet Toby.  He keeps me company and watches for any predators that may come along... ie:squirrels

8)  The colors, those wonderful, wonderful colors of fall.  Have you ever seen such beautiful berries, they are like poetry in blue.  I find them every Fall on the vine that grows on the front fence.  I can't remember the kind of vine, but whatever it is, it produces these blue and deep purple berries in the fall. 

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A simple list, but one to be mighty grateful for. 
"There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy."  ~  Ralph H. Blum

Until next time.......


  1. What a lovely post, Deanna! I am also trying to practice gratitude more regularly this month -- it really does produce a "quiet joy". I saw similar berries on a bush near my daughter's home and was amazed at the purples and blues, so unusual for this time of year.I wonder what it is.

  2. I've been noticing the month of gratitude posts too. Was looking into it a bit this morning actually. I LOVE those blue berries! How refreshing to see some "blue" plants this time of year.


  3. What a wonderful post this is Deanna, and your photographs are beautiful. I absolutely LOVE Toby!

    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  4. Lovely post and thoughts. We should all practice gratitude everyday.

  5. What a beautiful post, Deanna, and such pretty photos too! I love the photo of Toby and the little bit about the "predators." :)

  6. Holy cow those are the most beautiful color blue berries I have ever seen - I am grateful that I can see them!!

  7. What a lovely post! Your Toby is adorable and protective! Those blue berries are unusually beautiful.

  8. I have to say I just love stopping by and seeing whats up with you. Your photos are gorgeous. And boy is that is a lot of leaves..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Oh I am so happy that I found your blog. Your photo's are just wonderful. Toby is adorable and those Blue Berries are stunning.
    Love your writing as well.

  10. Oh my dear talented friend. What a great post!

    Isn't life so fun with our magic friends (cameras)?? I refer to mine as my boyfriend -- I have named him Max :)

    Max brings me nothing but joy and has lead me to having wonderful friends like you!!

    I should be daily noting my blessings too. I dont think it would be too late to join in on day 10? Hmmmm will think on this.

    Love ya!

  11. Another wonderful post! your photos are outstanding! I have never seen leaves piled on the road and not in bags - makes perfect sense - very eco-friendly!

  12. hi deanna,
    i am glad you found my blog! It is my husband that turned 60, not me...yet! I have been reading your blog...I just love it. But i do have to say i so feel like a stalker! But i enjoy it so much!!

  13. Oops! I forgot to mention how absolutely gorgeous those blue berries are - stunning! that photo would make a beautiful card.

  14. LOVE that font combination! I have a mug very similar to yours, only it's red. I think doing this gratitude posts is such a good practice. ESPECIALLY on a Monday morning!!


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